Wednesday, November 20, 2013

First Draft Done!

After sending the first book of the new series to Mary Lynn she agreed with me that this has to be a novel instead of a series.  There are so many characters it might be easier for the reader to have it all in one book.

So, I have been working night and day on it for the past few weeks.  I just finished the first draft.  Now I will read it out loud and work to get it ready to go to Mary Lynn.  Then when she sends it back I make corrections, tweak it a bit more and then I send it off to Kay.  She always comes up with some great suggestions and corrections.

After Kay reads it I am going to ask Jane and Sarah and Mary to read it out loud together.  They have a unique homeschool advantage and I want to make sure the homeschooling part is accurate.  It is also imperative that the characters are the correct characters in each spot.  When I say Jerry's mother is Mrs. Castor, it better be Mrs. Castor and not Mrs. Maxum!

Then hopefully, the book will be out this summer.  My first novel!  Yeah!

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