Thursday, September 12, 2013

YEAH! Short Hair!

I called Dilly yesterday to get an appointment - she just had someone come in to get a haircut and decided not to get a color - so she fit me right in!  I am SO happy to have that long hair gone!  I know, I know I wanted it long to pull into a ponytail while camping.  Yes, that made me happy.  But NOT as happy as I am with short hair!

Working very hard on my third series.  I have challenged a group on Facebook to help me come up with ideas for a wedding in Montana in a barn in winter!!!  Someone living in Montana told me the idea was crazy - even with a heater in the barn!

They have come up with some GREAT ideas.  I am having fun writing this chapter.  I copied their ideas onto my sidebar if you want to read them.

We are planning our trip to Montana - I can't wait to see the places I have been writing about from memory.  We went their when Joanna was 5 and Caroline was 3.  We visited Janet, Rod and little Patrick!

So - back to writing - just felt I had to blog something for Fran who comes in every day and sees the same post at the top of the page!

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