Thursday, August 29, 2013

YEAH! Number Two Draft Done!

I have been writing a lot the past few days.  I finished the second book of the Four Season Series.  Well, the draft is finished!  So now Summer and Fall are well on their way to being done. 

Pat and I are going on a trip this to Yellowstone National Park this fall.  We have decided to stop in Montana on our way to Yellowstone.  When Joanna and Caroline were five and three we went to visit my best friend, Janet and her husband and son.  We loved that trip and would like to see the Crazy Mountains again.  Janet and Rod took us to the Crazy Woman Mountain (There is a legend a white woman went crazy on that mountain) and we saw the most beautiful waterfall.  I would like to see that again.

I am going to try to find facts and legends to put in the books of this Four Season Series.  It will be fun. 

I love to write.  I ask God to give me words to write my books.  Some of the time the words just fly out of my fingers onto the keyboard!  The characters seem to form their own personalities.  It is a joy to get to know them.

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