Monday, August 26, 2013

Fun in the Sun

We had such a good time with the Martinez family at Wilson State Park.  Javier, Ayva and Romeo were such good campers.  Jesse even tolerated sleeping in a tent!  Caroline seemed to rejuvenate - relaxing as the weekend progressed.

We had fun at Pat's union picnic held across the street at the fairgrounds.  They have jumping, climbing, games, clowns, balloons, go cart rides, putt putt golf and even chances to win prizes.  Javier and Ayva were a little disappointed they didn't win a bike, but Nana won the spouse drawing!  I know it is a Meijer gift card, but for some reason they have to buy it and send it to me so I don't know how much!

There were two families there that had 175 and over 200 combined years of service in Local 85!  That was amazing.

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