Thursday, August 15, 2013


This is the picture of Bob dressed up like a ghoul.  His head is actually about chest high on the ghoul - the shoulders and head are above him.  He stood for long periods of time as still as a statue and then all of a sudden he would scare someone by moving!  Our friends Kevin and Laurie had Halloween parties that were so much fun.  We would all dress up and give out candy or stand in the yard all dressed up.  Over 900 kids came to the door for candy in their neighborhood!

So......  This is the ghoul that is at the Looby/Foley/Novak home in the Four Season Series second book, Fall.

P.S. Fran, good thing I'm the storyteller! 

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Fran said...

In my business, the less words the better. We are concise. It is a good thing you are the storyteller...maybe I need to kiss the Blarney Stone again.