Thursday, August 30, 2012

What a Roller Coaster Day!

I spent the day yesterday on a roller coaster! The highs of having published my first book to the lows of trying to figure out what was wrong with the formatting. If someone had the black background with white print it was a black page with no writing.

I went through the kindle set up on the original document. It looked fine. I went to the forum and posted a question. Someone asked if the font was automatic. Went and checked - it was! So I posted that response and waited.

Then someone posted on facebook that they just got a refund and Kindle told her they were going to pull the book! POSTED ON FACEBOOK FOR EVERYONE TO SEE!!! I was so upset. So I sent her a private message and asked if she was using the black background and she was. She asked me to call her. When we talked she gave me the help phone number from her Kindle.

I called the automated phone help number and expected to wait. I was very happy at how quickly I was talking to a real person. After explaining my situation he put me on hold and after a short wait said I would have an answer to my forum question within a few hours. I received excellent help in the Kindle forum with the exact solution and a backup solution if the first didn't work.

Well, it was Word. And as my friend, Jan from work always said, "Stupid in, stupid out!" Even though I selected all and chose automatic AND the box on the tool bar showed the word automatic. Most of the fonts when I went into them were set at black!

I manually went through each chapter and made the changes. Then uploaded the book again. The book was unavailable for several hours. I kept checking and checking waiting for the book to be "live" again. Finally it was ready. I deleted my copy, went in and downloaded another, opened it and aaaahhhh it was the same! It took awhile before I understood I had to go to the website, manage my Kindle and delete the book there. Then I purchased a new book and IT WAS FIXED! While purchasing the new book I saw the person from the forum had reviewed my book. She gave it a five star rating which was very nice, but the title she gave her review was, "A small problem with Kindles" Those words were right under my book!

Thankfully my sweet sister-in-law wrote a new review after she finished the book and it pushed the other one out of the top spot!

Then I spent the rest of the evening going through the other three books and manually correcting all the fonts.

All in all, I am very thankful for the support of family and Kindle.

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