Friday, August 3, 2012

Waiting is so hard

Anticipation is making me crazy! Here is a scary look into my craziness.

I am waiting for the covers to be done for the Saginaw Series. I know I told Dan September, but I can't wait. Is my vision his vision? Have I explained well enough about what I want it to be? Should we go visit and see if everything seems to be on track? Should we stay away so I don't bug him?

To keep busy I am making minor changes to the stories. When I think there couldn't possibly be anything else to change I find something.

I am worried about setting up the Amazon account, converting the files to HTML, and details for signing up for ereader books. My computer keeps freezing - need to have someone look at it before I start uploading the books. Even I wouldn't want to be near me if the computer froze at a critical moment. Actually I just want them done.

I am looking forward to working on the Holiday Series. I haven't looked at those books for three months. I will be so happy to develop those characters in more detail. I won't look at those until the Saginaw Series is on Amazon!

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