Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Thinking about Sheala going off to college next year already has me thinking about our "last" summer before everything changes.
So I told everyone I want one weekend camping this summer. Even Jesse who thinks camping should include a motel instead of a tent!
Javie and Ayva think it is a great idea. They both want to go, Javie remembers our one overnight trip and he says he wants to sleep in the trailer with Nana and Papa.  Ayva was too little to remember, but said, "I want to sleep with you too, Nana and your dog." I answered her, "I don't have a dog, Ayva Schmayva." She said in her sing song way, "Yeah you do, on your bed!"
We do have a dog stuffed animal on our bed. I guess he's going camping with us.

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