Sunday, July 31, 2011


Yum - spinach and ham quiche. I sent Jo a text and told her I was done wrapping forks and a salad serving set to go with a large salad bowl and six small bowls for a fund raiser for Youth for Christ. She said she would pick it up later on.

Then I sent her a text to tell her I just put a quiche in the oven and asked if she wanted to come for breakfast. She did and we had a nice time.

Then I posted a picture on FB and Caroline said "Yuck" and that is why she wasn't invited for breakfast! She hates quiche!
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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jacob Turner

The newest player for the Tigers, pitcher Jacob Turner, is a great addition to the team. He is only up today, tomorrow he will be going down to Toledo. He is only 20 years old but what we saw today was great.

They traded Wells and Furbush today - I will never understand these trades!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finally I Took a Picture

Fran and I bought a brick at the Children's Museum in Saginaw when they were fund raising.

Pat and I stopped yesterday to finally take a picture!
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Photo History Re-created

I couldn't take a picture of the original setting because Pat and I were in it! But here are the people gathering for the photo.

I did mention to a few people that if they were re-creating the original event - where these people in the photo were going to nearby towns to tell people of the products and services available in Saginaw - this truly would be an historic event!
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Final Picture

It was fun watching Jeff Schrier, a Saginaw News Photographer, take the pictures to later use Photoshop to recreate what the Goodrich Brothers had to do without Photoshop.
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The pictue above was taken in 1927, when a group of businessmen got together to go to surrounding towns to talk about what types of businesses and products were available in Saginaw. On Wednesday morning at 8:00 am, at the Castle Museum modern day business people will recreate thst event. What fun - I hope to stop and take pictures.
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Time to Come Home

Dad will be going home today. He is doing very well. I know he is on the mend. Say prayers it all goes smoothly.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Little White Berry Poison Mush

That is what my sister Jane and I would make from the berry bushes in the backyard of our home on Hoyt Street when we were growing up.

Can't remember who we were going to poison! I don't know what kind of bush this is but I know we were warned not to eat the berries.

For years I had looked for one of these bushes to plant in our yard but I never saw one after we moved off Hoyt. Then one summer day a few years ago one started growing next to the garage. Can't say enough about birds eating somewhere else and pooping in our yard.

See - it really is true - some people's poop may be someone else's treasure!
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Going from D to F

Those aren't grades they are hospital floors! Today Dad looked so good we decided to stop over to tell his Mom. Pat turned his phone on just before we got there to hear a message from his sister that they had gone to the emergency room with Mom having heart pain. So we went back to the hospital.

She was admitted for observation. Her heart is in bad shape, too. But because of health issues they don't want to do the surgery. So they want to up her medicine and see how she does.

This is a difficult time for the whole family. More prayers please.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Another Day at the Hospital

It was a difficult day for Dad. He has zero energy. It exausted him to just eat. He didn't sleep well so he just wanted to close his eyes and rest most of the day. His iron was low so they started him on iron pills. Then by the end of the day Mary called to say he had perked up a bit with their last visit.

His nurses are so good. Everyone is so cheerful with Dad and with all of us they are very supportive. We stopped in the gift shop to buy some notecards and there were some beautiful fish plates (see below) and I asked the store manager if I could donate some knives to go with the plates. I told her everyone at the hospital were so wonderful with Dad that I wanted to do this. So when we came home the first time Mary and Mom went up to the hospital I wrapped some knives. I took them back and they matched great.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spending Time with Dad

I was alone with Dad for about four hours yesterday. He is a joy to be with even in a difficult situation. He was very tired last night and still had to have a walk down the hall.

He has wonderful nurses. He always has a Grandpa saying for them while they are caring for him.

It is very painful for him when he coughs but today he should get the two tubes out of his chest and that should take away alot of the discomfort.

I'll go back up this morning for a bit and possibly be a help when he gets his breakfast.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dad Doing Well

Cathy called at 10:00 last night to say Dad was up talking and joking with the nurses. The tubes were taken out and he was breathing on his own. Thank you so much for your prayers. We will go up around 8:00.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Pat's Dad is waking up - his heart is working on its own. The doctor and the nurse are very happy with his progress.

We have left for the evening - Cathy is there now and Grandma and Mary are going up a little bit later. They will call the nurse and he will tell them what time would be a good time.

All in all it was a good day. Cathy drove over with Dad at 4:15 am, Pat and I got there by 4:30 am. Aunt Millie and Uncle Chet stopped by and then Brother Dave came in from Lansing, Brother-in-law Steve stopped by and then Pat's cousin Mary Ellen and her husband Dale stopped for a bit. Of course we all stayed in the lounge. Way too many people to visit Dad.

Thank you for the many prayers - keep them coming for a good recovery.


Getting ready to go to the hospital for Pat's Dad to have his heart surgery. He is in good spirits and just wants to get on with recovery.

So prayers for the surgeon to St. Luke, healing prayers for Dad to Jesus, comfort prayers for Mom to our Blessed Mother.

It will be a long day - Dad has to be there by 4:30 and it looks like a 12-15 hour day - so after talking it over with the nurse with Mom and Dad it will be better for her to stay home and then come over to say goodnight.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sitting in the Shade

Coconut oil suntan lotion, seagulls, sunshine all around but sitting in the shade of this big old tree with my honey and a beautiful breeze off of Lake Huron. Just finished the leftover leftovers for a picnic lunch. It doesn't get any better than this.


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Busy Saturday

We had leftovers from a dinner and when I saw that my friend Kay was on Facebook at 8:30 in the morning I emailed her and asked if they wanted to join us on a picnic. They were going to be busy in the afternoon so I suggested we bring the food to their house and we share the leftovers with them.

It was a very nice lunch on their deck. We talked and laughed and even watched my favorite video of the wrench being copied in 3D!

Then after we came home and got cool again - we went to church with friends and then out to dinner at the Junction. We really had a nice talk with Jim and Jan.

Then over to Wickes Park where we saw 4 eagles. Bill and Amy read recently that the eagles in Michigan are now at 700 pairs. In the 70's the eagles were on the endagered species list - this is a wonderful comback - I love to see eagles soaring over the Saginaw River.

What a busy, busy Saturday - but it was filled with fun and friends.

Friday, July 15, 2011

First Blueberries of the Season

Oh yum - Marge went blueberry picking!
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

3D Printer

My cousin, Elise, sent me the link to this - it is so amazing. I just love thinking of how technology is still growing by leaps and bounds.
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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Picture Perfect

We decided to go on a picnic. First Pat thought of Hartwick Pines but then said "How about the bridge?" If you live in Michigan that can

only mean the Mackinac Bridge which connects Lower Michigan to our Upper Peninsula. So we drove to the tip top of Northern Lower Michigan.

It was a beautiful day. Filled with sunshine and blue water and a Great Lakes freighter going under the bridge while we sat watching from the shore.

Even the not so smart tourists that kept feeding the seagulls helped by keeping the seagulls away from us while we ate our sandwiches. (I do have to say to the young girl feeding them that screaming while they are dive bombing your head after YOU put food on top of your head was a little crazy!)

Anyway we shopped for a bit before we left, stopped in Gaylord to shop and finally at Arnie's in Houghton Lake found exactly what we were looking for Pat's Mom for her birthday today. So we are on our way to see her now.
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Johnny Appleseed

When our children were young my brother married Cindy. We had several different religious backgrounds in our families so Cindy suggested we sing Johnny Appleseed before meals. We all hold hands and swing our arms and everyone loves praying this way.

Last night we celebrated Caroline's birthday and I recorded it.

Click on the sidebar in Javier and Ayva's corner.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Birthday in 30 minutes

My Carolina Moon Keeps Shining has a birthday tomorrow. We celebrated tonight with her favorite meal, fetticini.
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dinner at Jesse and Caroline's

Pictures - NO - we all dug in - fideo and tostadas - yum! Then pastries from Maria Elenas! Everything tasted so good. What a nice Sunday evening.


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Friday, July 8, 2011

Home from Hawaii

So, they had the family vacation of a lifetime. None of them could stop talking or showing pictures. It is a blessing to see them when they enjoyed their time together.

Sheala and Robbie leave for a mission trip on Sunday so I am glad we spent the evening together.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Proof he loves me

So, since the Zilwaukee bridge opened I have not wanted to go over it. I can count on my hand how many times I have been on it.

This is totally not without reason. There is a big dip in the middle of the bridge - some miscalculation on the original plans - then this last couple of years there have been projects to work on the faulty design!

So today when Pat announced "We have to go over the Zilwaukee bridge, I don't have a choice." and we have hours to get to our destination I complained. He even told me I was getting on his last nerve!

Thankfully we both are laughing about it and we went UNDER the Zilwaukee bridge. Now you may say if I think it is dangerous to go over it then it must also be dangerous to go under it - it is a very short trip under the bridge compared to driving over the lengthy span!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2011 Nursery School Mom's

This year only five of us could get together. Even though it was a small group it was nice to catch up. I've blogged before about our working together on an area board and a State board when our kids were in preschool.

We went to Lazee in Midland for Indian food. It was very good food. Service was so-so.

It is so nice of Jan to make the plans each year when she comes to Michigan for a visit.
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Monday, July 4, 2011

Fireworks - Saginaw - Andersen Bridge

Jo is moving away next week. So we went out to dinner and then to the fireworks. She hadn't been for more than 16 years!

We will miss her - one more reason to visit Florida again.
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Happy 4th of July

Mary Ellen and Jane in 1962 - This was on the front page of The Saginaw News

A Poem for My Sister Jane

Sister, friend, daughter, mother, aunt and wife
So many ways to be thought of during just one life
You Jane, are my sister and close personal friend
Someone upon whom I can always depend
Today is the wonderful celebration of your birth
Which fills me with memories and cheerful mirth
You make me wiser, happier and filled with joy
And my wish for you today is a beautiful day to enjoy

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Visiting Friends Up North

We started the day going to three celebrations up north - well - it ended up being two!

First we stopped at Fran's cottage in Sand Lake. And of course that visit started with a couple Irish Wakes! Not the funeral type - the drink type. They were quite good. Rum, Blue Caracoa and orange juice. I had a nice chat with Fran catching up since our visit in Florida. Then she said I should go through the jewelry. Last night everyone that was there went through what she brought with her. I couldn't wait to find a couple treasures that were from her Mom, Patsy or her Grandma, Helen, or her Great Aunt, Honey or Great Grandma, Ma.

When they moved to Hoyt Street they all lived in the same house. And it was always an adventure going over there. So I had fun going through coin purses, bags, and a couple shoe boxes. I picked out three things. A little single pearl drop necklace, a pair of earrings with gold and green beads that I will forever each year wear on THE HIGH HOLY DAY, ST. PATRICK'S DAY, and a little hair clip with little pearl seeds on it. She didn't know who wore these pieces but since it could have been any one of them they mean a lot to me.

Then I found a message on Facebook from my friend Jeri that said "Did I remember to tell you the fireworks were moved to Monday?" Shoot. Not sure we can go back up tomorrow.

Then off to Jim and Jo Ann's. The cottage filled with family and friends. It also was a very nice visit. Then we decided to drive by Jeri and John's one more time but no cars. So we are now on our way home.

It was a good day visiting friends. Thanks Fran - I love my pieces of jewelry from your family treasures.

What It has meant to ME to Live in Saginaw, Michigan, USA

Growing up in Saginaw had so many different levels of pride. Here are some of what it has meant to me:

My Family
The first sense of pride came from my family. We always put a flag out on every holiday and we went to pick up Grandma Shea holding her tomato box filled with gardening tools to go to the cemetery on a regular basis to clean up the grave of Grandpa Shea.


This trip to the cemetery always meant taking saltine crackers to feed the goldfish and a chance to climb the HUGE rock by the pond. Tradition was started and continued for years and years. We went to church and school at our neighborhood parish, St. Mary Cathedral - right on Hoyt Street. My parents were involved in the community, the parish, the neighborhood. Many times over the years we said our novena's after dinner - Mom would write the words on the big chalkboard on the kitchen wall and we would all say the prayers together. And every single year - going to the fireworks - back then they were at Hoyt Park - we always thought it was the best night of the year. How I loved the big booms making me jump each time.

Our Neighborhood
We had 42 kids in our neighborhood - we played army, house, said Mass with squished white bread, had parades with our bikes up and down Hoyt Street - red, white and blue crepe paper threaded through the spokes of our bikes. We had Kool-Aid sales on the little stand my Dad made for us out of crates, probably from Saginaw Paint Manufacturing where he worked. Every mother and father in the neighborhood was respected and obeyed. We quickly learned which kid could get what the whole group wanted - usually me - especially if it was Mr. Shaltry - I could usually sweet talk him into letting us all go to Andersen Pool. Not because I was anything special - just that I was the only one who would actually go down the basement where he was making little wood decorations and ask him! Going to Emerson school for Saginaw Parks and Recreation - there was always something cool to do - making key chains out of long plastic strips, being in a talent show where my sister, Jane and I sang, "There's a hole in the bucket dear Liza, dear Liza!", playing tether ball, singing songs, doing crafts. As we got older we even got to go to Camp Timbers where we had lots of fun. Many mornings we went to the aforementioned Andersen Pool - my friend Janet and I would walk the couple of miles to be there by 9 am - the free swim - I think they used us to warm the pool up because it was freezing.

My School
St. Mary Cathedral where I learned my father's middle name was Francis - and my Mom explained that even though my friend's name was Frances the spelling told us if it was a girl's name or a boy's name. I couldn't remember which was which until she told me to remember his and her - the last two letters of the pronoun showed which one was which. Going through the same school with the same friends - and my friend Noreen even went to Kindergarten at Emerson School with me because St. Mary's had no Kindergarten. I had such pride in my school - I learned social justice in Humanities in 10th grade - I learned civic pride in Sr. Marie Ida's 8th grade. I learned how important one voice could be - whether it was religion, politics or just plain living each day the best I could.

My Workplace
My first job other than babysitting was working at the Post Office. They had students come in and work at night for up to 16 hours a week. We learned how to come in on time, work with a team, make good use of our time and to manage our paychecks. It was the first time I worked with adults - and they taught me so much. Later when I began working for the City of Saginaw - I began to understand how much it takes to have a government work. And how easily it can fall apart. It made me realize that one voice can make a difference - however - it takes many voices to make the changes needed. The voters - people have to care.

My Family
Yes, family again - but this time it was Pat and my time to be the parents. To instill the pride and religious values - work ethics and manners, too. I like to think we did a good job with parenting. I do know we did our best. I like watching our grandchildren and great grandchildren - seeing how their parents are doing - I think they are doing a great job.

I love living in Saginaw - will I stay here forever - probably not - we will probably move to the country at some point - Pat has lived in the City all this time even though he would rather have lived in the country - we'll see when housing starts to rebound.

I love being a United States citizen - it is not something I take as a right - it is something to be cherished. I disagree with lots that happens in our country - in our politics - - in the media - in our neighborhoods - but I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I am proud to be a citizen - I am blessed to be in the USA.

I notice I have rambled as usual - off the subject - around the subject - but that is ME - going on and on and just saying what is rambling around in my head. Happy birthday USA.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sitting on the Dockside

Oh my goodness, a perfect afternoon at the Dockside. Sun, wind, boats flying by and we are the only people here!

There is even one of our favorite condos for sale - only $495,000 - sit here in the bteeze dreaming with my Honey!
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Summer Flowers

These are the summer flowers planted by our friend and tenant, Marge. Our next door neighbor, Juanita also helped her.

The whole duplex looks beautiful with the flowers at their peak.
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Friday, July 1, 2011

Yes, we saw three elk!

They even posed for us - standing still looking at us. We saw them on Camp 30 Road in Atlanta, Michigan. Even though we usually drive around looking for elk early in the morning we saw these around 10:00 a.m. I can't even imagine how much the gas cost to travel over the old logging roads for hours. But it was worth it. We saw lots and lots of deer but it has been ages since we have seen elk.