Friday, May 27, 2011


I actually had to search for the word sister to see if I had already blogged this - I haven't. I always say that our family is most blessed because my brother, Jim married such a wonderdul woman.

She not only brought two wonderful children into our family but she has become a wonderful sister, too.

When my Mom was sick she relieved me every single day at 7:00. She had her hands full at home, she was working and going to school. But still - every night she came to Mom's apartment and stayed until a caregiver came for the evening. And. . . . She not only showed up she would get my Mom in the wheelchair, push her across the hall and visit with my Mom's sisters and brothers many of those evenings - sometimes they even played cards. She must have been exhausted - but she never waivered in her goodness and was always reliable and loving.

Another thing is how she has always opened her home to us for family get togethers. Sometimes blending her family with our family making a big houseful of people. We have had the opportunity to meet her first husband's family as well.

Why write about Cindy today? Cause I love her and I am so glad Jim married her so I could have another sister!

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