Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Millie and Tillie Visit the Dentist

This is for my friend Heather's twins who do not like to go to the dentist! YOU CAN HEAR NANA TELLING THIS STORY BY CLICKING ON THE SIDEBAR!
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Once upon a time there were two little girls. One was named Millie and one was named Tillie. Millie was a very good little girl and Tillie usually wasn't. One day Mother came into the living room and said, "Girls, today we are going to the dentist." Tillie started running around the living room screaming at the top of her lungs, "NO, NO, NO!" Millie and Tillie had gone to the dentist several months ago and Tillie had not enjoyed that visit.

Mother told Tillie to sit down and listen to what she had to say. Tillie lay on the floor kicking her feet and turning her head back and forth, back and forth but at least she listened. Mother said it was time to get their teeth cleaned and if they were very good they could go to the zoo after the dentist appointment.

Millie and Tillie loved going to the zoo. There were penguins and snakes and monkeys. Tillie was trying to figure out if it was worth going to the dentist if she chould go to the zoo. Mother told them they would even get to pet the goats and so Tillie thought it might be worth being a good girl at the dentist because she loved to pet the goats.

Later that afternoon the girls went with their Mother to the dentist. Millie went in first and had her teeth cleaned. When she came out she told Tillie it was quite easy to get your teeth cleaned. She opened her mouth wide and the woman used a little metal pick to clean between her teeth. It didn't hurt at all. Tillie started to say she didn't want to go in but her Mother reminded her she was going to the zoo after the appointment.

Tillie went back into the dentist office and sat in the big chair. All of a sudden she started yelling that she didn't want her teeth cleaned - she started kicking and crying and everyone in the office heard her make a big fuss. Mother went in to Tillie and told her to settle down. Tillie just got worse. So eventually they had to take her to Grandma's house while Millie got to go to the zoo with Mother.

Millie had such fun at the zoo. The monkeys were swinging from rope to rope and the snakes were shedding their skin! But the best of all was that there was a brand new baby goat and Millie got to feed it a bottle. When they got home Tillie was so upset that she had missed the opportunity to feed that baby goat that she pleaded with Mother to take her back to the dentist. Mother called the dentist office and they said to bring her back in. Even though Tillie did not want to have her teeth cleaned she sat still and did as she was told. She actually decided it really didn't hurt but she didn't tell anyone that.

After the dentist appointment they all went to the zoo and Tillie got to see the baby goat. However, it wasn't time to feed the goats so she couldn't give it a bottle. All the way home Tillie complained that life wasn't fair and that Millie always got to do the fun things and she never got to do anything fun.


Jim Shea said...

Mom must have invented the Millie and Tillie stories for you girls. I don't remember her telling me or Larry those stories. (We probably didn't need them.)

mesc said...

Hah - Daffy and Dandy were the boys and according to Mary Lynn, the Aunts had Brenda and Cobina!

Heather said...

I can't get the recorder to work! Won't let me listen!!!! Liv loved the picture of the turkey:-) "What in the heck????" she said!!!!! She wanted me to make it bigger she loved it so much!