Saturday, April 9, 2011

Friends and Family Making Memory Visits

Sometimes the smallest things can make a memory visit possible. A commercial for Victoria Secrets and Greg pops into my mind for a visit. Today while shopping at Meijer I noticed the package of chicken had "pollo" written on it and Paula popped in for a visit. (One time we talked our way through a win in a Trivial Pursuit game with pollo as part of the winning clue.) In the past couple of weeks I've given an item of my Mom's to a couple people that I know she loved dearly in hopes of creating a memory visit for them.

This Lent has been filled with memories and wonderful opportunities for prayer and contemplation. My niece Theresa has helped me on my journey with her blog. My nephew Bill has had a daily entry on Facebook and my nephew Michael suggested I read The Brothers Karamazov which is very thought provoking. Bishop Ken's Little Black Book has daily prayer and reflections. We have been going to SS Peter and Paul Soup and prayer Wednesday evenings. So Lent has been a good time for reflection this year.

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tagnes said...

i love the brothers karamazov - if you finish it within a year you have my mom and me beat!