Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Worst Drawer is Done

I spent three and a half - yes 3 1/2 - hours sorting my jewelry drawer. Do I have anything worth anything - well not money-wise but in memories they are priceless. I have such fun memories in that drawer. Many nights I would come home and empty out my pockets into that drawer. My favorite was a note that I had to wear at Dave Sharma's 40th birthday. His wife, my friend, Barb, made lots of funny sayings to choose from - mine says - I'd rather be 40 than pregnant!

One time I told my Great Aunt Adeline Zito that I liked a pin she was wearing and she took it off and handed it to me. My Grandma Florence Shea always had BIG pieces of paste jewelry that she wore - I found a few of those. My Mom, Elinor Shea's wedding ring minus the diamonds because Caroline wanted that ring for her wedding but the band was too thin to size so she took the diamonds and had them put into a setting similar to her Grandma's. My Aunt Bernice Brandi always had fun jewelry we could play with when we went to spend the night at the house on Clinton Street. When I found beads and bracelets that I have been saving for fun I put them in the toy cupboard (which by the way is on the list to clean, too) for Ayva and Javier to find.

I filled the wastebasket, put notes with some of the pieces so someday when Joanna and Caroline have to go through my drawers they will know why I kept all this "worthless" junk!

I sure had fun.

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