Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So the cleaning continues. . . .

I decided to clean out the beautiful desk that was my Grandfathers. So many memories and of course I got sidetracked.

First I found letters and cards sent to my Mom just before she died. Friends sent her the most wonderful sentiments of how much she meant to them. Of course I had to read through all of them.

Then I found the diary I kept when I was pregnant with Joanna. It was filled wth friends coming to visit and family gatherings. So many times I had Sarah over to play while Steve and Terry went on errands. The long, long wait for Joanna to be born (the doctor said any day in the beginning of July and she decided it would be August 8th.)

It was a very, very hot summer - over the years my friend Robyn who had her daughter the same week I had Joanna and I talked many times about that hot summer!

Pat worked in the thumb so he would drop me off at my Mom's on Monday, pick me up on Wednesday then he would go back to work on Thursday morning and come home on Friday. I so missed him and was so thankful for the Monday and Tuesdays I stayed at Mom's with her and Jim and Jane.

I finally finished the desk and enjoyed the walk down memory lane.

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