Monday, March 28, 2011

Really Old Saginaw Newspapers

We went out with Joanna and Robin and the kids the other night. I told Robbie and Sheala about the old Saginaw Newspapers I found in the boxes from the attic the other day. I want them to come over and go through them with me.

When I say they are old you will understand when I tell you the daily was 2¢ and Sunday was 3¢.

There were such great ads and wonderful articles. There was so much social news - who went to what parties and what they wore. Everyone could be part of the fashion scene even if it was to read about it.

Many articles about how to save money during the wars. Stories about the King and Queen of Romania, Presidents and their wives, Mayors of Saginaw.

The ads are priceless - dentures and glasses and electricity for your homes. Kitchen tables and chairs, hats and movie theaters galore.

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