Friday, March 25, 2011

Let's Go Camping!

Pat and I just left Jay's in Clare. We haven't really bought anything new for camping in a few years - and in the past two days we took care of that! Yesterday Walgreens had a two pot coil burner that we can plug in to boil our water for dishes - it was on sale for $8 so that was a deal.

Today - no sales. But still fun. I got a pizza stone - I love making pizza on the fire. The first time it was fabulous. The camper next to us asked what we had for dinner because it smelled so delicious. The next several times I burned the bottom of the crust. So today when I was debating whether to buy it or not Pat told me it was just dumb luck it turned out the first time! So that went into the basket.

We actually went in to buy a new grill for the fire. The one we have is starting to wear thin from so many years of use. We love it because it sits on a pole and you can swivel it and move it up and down. This really helps cooking while camping because it isn't that easy to adjust the fire. So that went in the basket.

Then we saw some heavy duty gloves for Pat to take food off the fire. This was a no brainer - those went in the basket!

Last but not least were two of those whirly jigs on a stick for any little sweeties that might go on a camping trip with us! Now if Michigan weather would act like spring we could go camping!

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