Sunday, March 6, 2011

David Haas Concert

My cousin, Mary Lynn called to ask us to go to ths David Haas concert in Bridgeport. When we got there our friend, Olympia was there with her daughter, Ellen, so we all sat together. I let Olympia take the "Letters from Aunt Bernice" book because she knew all the Brandi family. Then she asked if her children could read it. So it was fun when Ellen asked if this was "THE" Mary Lynn.

The concert was great - of course I thought about singing in choir at St. Mary Cathedral with our choir director Kevin. I only teared up for a couple songs so I did okay. The rest of the woman had a few tears, too. We talked after about how tears really do heal.

Anyway, then Mary Lynn went out to dinner with Pat and me. We got a chance to talk and it was a very nice day.

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