Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Robbie and Sheala

A visit from the Jacklin family last night was such fun.

Pat and I had to go to the store because we only had chicken for dinner - no sides - so we went to Kroger and I bought 8 different salads, corn on the cob and a loaf of jalepeno bread and hummus and some sushi. (My grandkids LOVE sushi.)

Sheala and Robbie were playing cards in the kitchen when we walked in from the store and I set out the bread and hummus for them to eat. Joanna found some celery in the frig and had that with hummus, since she is now on the Atkins diet with Robin.)

The kids stayed in the kitchen playing cards and I went to sit with Jo in the living room. Pat started cooking chicken on the grill and we waited to see if Robin would get out of work in time for dinner with us.

Sheala was humming away in the kitchen (a sure sign she is winning at cards) and Robbie was laughing and bugging her. Joanna was working on Soduko (which by the way she does in pen with nothing scribble out or written over!!!!)

Then Robbie and Sheala decided to make smoothies - frozen blueberries that our neighbor picked for us a few weeks ago. Then Robbie sat on the couch with me and told me "there is no love in his family" he proceeded to tell me that Joanna and Sheala saw him fall on the stairs at home and they didn't even care - they just laughed at him - he wasn't feelin' any love! I told him I loved him more than life itself.

Our nephew, David, called and I talked with him a bit and then Pat talked with him until it was time for dinner. Then Robin came in, Pat brought in the chicken and we sat down to a yummy dinner. We sent them all home right after dinner (they usually help us clean up but we insisted they needed to leave for their errands).

Then we went to the park for a bit and came home. It was a very nice night in Saginaw.

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