Saturday, June 26, 2010

River Roar

We went to the Dockside in Bay City yesterday afternoon and watched the practice runs for the River Roar this weekend - we had such a good time - lots of sunshine - warm wind - fast boats - and most of all sitting next to my Honey. I sure did miss him while he was traveling the past two weeks. Good to have him home.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Looking for......

Classmates addresses: Joe Schneider, Janice Sutter, Bob Wilcox, Margot Phelan, Ron Majewski, Rene Gaudreau. I am sending the flyers out for our 40th this week - I want to make sure everyone is invited.

Nice Dinner

I just had dinner with my son-in-law, Robin. We had such a nice evening - talking about family and church and life in general. He is so proud of his kids and it shows in the stories he tells. Joanna is in Hawaii and Pat is in New Jersey so I texed him and asked if he wanted to go out to dinner - it was very nice.

Pat will be home tomorrow - I can't wait - I miss him lots.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Long Weekend

The weekend in Frankenmuth was so hot - and really no one had purchases in their hands - I am really only going to do Fall and Winter shows. My plates are great gifts for Christmas and I'm going to stick with that for now. I certainly made enough to pay for everything but I am sure I could have spent the weekend with my family visiting from Tulsa and had more fun! Thank goodness for Patrick - what a good sport - he sat with me all weekend long!

I had my cousin over for dinner last night and we wrapped spoons and knives to match dishes she had. That was a lot of fun and very nice to visit with her.

I'm supposed to be getting out the class reunion flyers tonight - but I decided to wait until tomorrow! I never knew what a procrastinator I am! Going to work at 4 am yesterday really exhausted me - I had to work at a very fast pace trying to make up for Friday when the computers went down at work - I did make my deadlines but I am still paying the price - when I came home this afternoon I took a nap and I am sure I'll still sleep well tonight.

I talked to Sheala for a bit today - she had a WONDERFUL time in Boston. She made so many friends and really didn't want to come home. I am so happy she had a great time. Now they are visiting their cousins in New Jersey - what a fun way to begin the summer.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Family and Shows

We saw lots of family at the funeral this week - of course we all decided never to miss another year without getting together - but you know how that goes - weddings and funerals.

It was a nice time to see two of our nieces and my sister from Tulsa - we don't get enough hugs, smiles, and kisses from them. It was so nice to talk with them about their future plans and tell them we love them. Jim and Cindy showed us a slide show if their Mission trip to Cuba. Cindy has been at her sons house and then her mom's house for a few weeks and she was home last night - I like it when she is home! Mary Lynn went over to spend the night, too - I'm glad she stayed. I missed Kathy and Larry though.

The show in Frankenmuth was HOT HOT HOT yesterday - and it looks as if today will be the same - but at least all the storms were down south of the show so maybe when we get there today our tent will still be standing!

I Sold a good number of dishes - there was this really great cobalt blue bowl shaped like a fish and I was so glad it sold - it needed a good home - it was my favorite piece on the table. Today my goal is to sell the beautiful pink glass bowl with a spoon with beautiful Swarovski pink beads. I don't like having pieces that are so special to pack away.

Well off I go - time to find a few more dishes in the basement to take with me - I noticed I didn't have near enough glass dishes to sparkle in the sunshine.

Resurrection Sunday - Budapest

Thank you Maureen!

Friday, June 18, 2010


I will be in Frankenmuth all weekend long - starting today at Noon, Friday, June 18th through Sunday. I will be selling the hostess sets - $10 for one set and $15 for two sets. I found some really great dishes - perfect for the 4th of July!

We are hoping the weather cooperates - it sounds as if it might - I can't wait to see you all.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


My cousin, Mary Lynn, lost her son this week while he was out on his daily exercise run - he had a fatal heart attack at the age of 46. He was a good man - a fun uncle - loved by many. His obituary shows how full of life he was (Click on his name below to read it). Our love and prayers to his family and friends.

Fr. Damien

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jazz on Jefferson - What Fun

We saw so many people that we know at "Jazz on Jefferson" last night. We had such a good time. People from St. Mary's and St. Pete's and the City of Saginaw and Delta and we had our booth next to Jan and Jim - it was fun, fun, fun. We could hear Jean Marie singing over on Millard Street which was very nice.

We sold 20 plates and knives which was a great night when no one even knew there was going to be a vendor spot. It was such a nice evening. We hope to do it again next year.

Friday, June 4, 2010

This week

I had the week off from work - what a luxurious thing - to be off and not trying to recuperate from surgery! I have such good friends at work who pick up my job and get it done while I am gone - I can't thank them enough. Anyone who has been following my blog knows that I have been counting down until retirement - well - I'm under 500 days!!!!!!!!!

We started out our camping year on a great note - camping with friends at the Rifle River State Recreation Area - we had one really great day weather-wise and the others were okay. Pat is camping with his brothers this weekend so I've been shopping the estate sales and going to buy fabulous beads at Joanne's - they were all on sale so I bought lots.

Jan and I are excited about the Jazz on Jefferson on Wednesday evening - Her purses are so fabulous you will want to see them - we will be set up in the Team One Credit Union parking lot - hope you will stop by and see us.