Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yeah! Magglio!

I left work early today - not because my knee hurt - because we wanted to see Magglio hit #2,000! He was so happy - his face was one big smile - Pat and I went to the Junction at 1:00 to see the Tiger game - Magglio hit one his first time up but he was out - the second time up was the magic number. Caroline came in to watch with us after her interview. We had a nice afternoon - much - much - much better than staying at work!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A few good estate sales

We went to three good estate sales yesterday. Found some platters and some dishes. YEAH!

On Friday we went to pick up our trailer at Pat's brother's home in Lansing. Paula and I went to some thrift shops where I found some dishes and then when we got back to their house the trailer was all hooked up and ready to go. So we all went to the Draft House and played a game of pinochle where Paula and I WON! Then we had dinner and back home to Saginaw.

It's raining this morning which is really good because the trees and grass need a good soaking. I hope the weather is okay tomorrow for Sheala's soccer game.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

YAHOOOO - 2 days in a row

I've worked 8 hours two days in a row! And when I got home this afternoon I was still feeling pretty good. My goal is for the whole week to be 8 hour days.

The wildlife is moving in all over the city. This morning when I got to work there was an injured fox in a cage that had been hit by a car and this afternoon there was a wild turkey that flew across Malzahn to our neighbors bushes. The poor animals must be scared with all the traffic and people.

We had Jesse and Caroline and Crystal and the kids over for dinner last night. Jesse and Caroline went to the disappointing Tiger game and then they all came over for fettucini - unfortunatley I don't think Caroline was happy with the meal - I floured the meat which made a gravy instead of au jus with the meat and the homemade garlic bread didn't measure up to Coles - but we had fun anyway. The kids were riding on Caroline's lap bumping down the stairs. It brought back memories of Brandon and Bryant sliding down the stairs when they were little with Joanna and Caroline.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Catchup with Ketchup

When my friend, Fran, said she was coming to Saginaw I asked her to go out to breakfast - of course she said "Bringers?" Her parents were regulars at Bringers for years and it was fun to meet her there. We had a chance to find out what everyone is doing - how her aunts and uncles and cousins are doing. It sure was a nice time to catch up (the Ketchup part of this was eating the yummy hashbrowns with ketchup - they make the best hashbrowns anywhere at Bringers!)

When we were growing up Fran and her family moved in just a few houses down from us on Hoyt Street. It was so amazing to go over to her house - there was Ma, Helen, Honey, Uncle Pat, Uncle Ed, Patsy, Pumpkin and Fran. There was always something going on - lots of aunts and uncles and cousins - always a baby to hold and play with - stories to hear on the porch - cookies or bread baking in the oven - just a warm loving home that I always wanted to be part of and was thankfully always welcome to be one of their own.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. I hope today is a great spring day. I love spring in Michigan. Our daffodils are so beautiful this year. Our tenant takes care of the flowers and there are so many explosions of yellow on the side and front of the house - I love them.

It seems as if the little rain we got yesterday made all the forsythia begin to bloom all over town. My kids used to call them Aunt Cindy's bushes - For Cynthias. There is one house in the township that has a whole line of the bushes and I can't wait until next week when they probably will all be flowered.

We had all our trees pruned this spring - I hope they do well. Our Sugar Maple in back is "stressed" from all the concrete around it - because it doesn't get enough water - so - I guess the water bill will be higher this year to see if we can save it.

On the side of the house the lawn looks very bad - I think we need to look into doing something - it is very yellow. I think it needs fertilizer and that is where all the snow stays the longest so it must not get enough sun either. Thankfully, Pat works outside - I really don't enjoy it at all. But I love it when things look good - mmmmmm..... Doesn't say much for M.E.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Farewell to a Friend

Police Officer Jim Blondin passed away on Sunday and his memorial service was on Thursday. He had been ill for a year and actually we thought he was going to die last spring. But Jim wasn't ready to die. He didn't want to leave his wife and children and grandchildren. Over the last year I have thought a lot about Jim and Sue. I sent cards every once in awhile - mostly funny ones to make him laugh because he made me laugh every time I saw him. He was so funny and a joy to work with.

I told Sue at the service that she will remember this last year with wonderful memories - the difficult times will melt away, her memories will be of Jim the way he looked before he became ill, she will be so blessed from the love they had this last year. I know this in my heart.

The procession left from the Police Department on the way to the funeral home and drove down Jim and Sue's old street - Court Street - and past Fuzzy's where Jim loved to stop. Jim's sister, Pam, told me that people were out at the curbs to see the procession go by with their hands over their hearts - the people at Fuzzy's were out, too. She said it was so touching and meant so much to their family.

We will miss Jim so much. But I know that Heaven is a much better place with him in it - with the saints and angels laughing every time they talk with Jim.

An Amazing Trip to the Museum

My cousin, Mary Lynn, wanted to know if I would like to go to the Castle Museum with her to donate our Great Grandmother's quilt. I was very happy to go with her. We met with Sandy who started to take down information. She told us that our Great Grandfather's harp was now on exhibit.

I ALMOST STARTED TO CRY! I had never seen the harp! So she told us we could go upstairs to see the exhibit when we were ready to go. Then she took down information about Mary Lynn and asked me to give her my information also. I laughed and told her I had four names. I started out: Mary Ellen Shea C... and she said, "Shea? - wait a minute - did you know Elinor?" I told her that Elinor was my Mom. I laughed and asked her "Did you love her?" That may be a funny question to a stranger - but I cannot tell you how many people really did love my Mom! She broke into a huge smile and nodded her head and told me that my Mom and my Mom's friend Kay were her first volunteers that she worked with at the museum 18 years ago. She said she still sometimes will go into a room and think that it needs the "Elinor Touch!"

So then it was time to go up to the harp. It was placed in a living room. And we could just picture Great Grandma's quilt going on the sofa next to it. Mary Lynn and I had such a nice visit there - I can't wait to go see the quilt with the harp!