Sunday, March 28, 2010

First Long Trip

We drove to Traverse City and spent the night - we stopped a lot along the way there - Jay's in Clare, and a couple of thrift stores. I felt okay when we got there. While we were there we went to both casinos (came out a little ahead) we stopped at Goodwill, Salvation Army and three thrift shops - I found so many great Christmas plates - after a very dry couple of months I was so happy to find so many cute plates.

We stayed at the Hampton Inn - it was very nice and I even went to the fitness center and worked out on the bike. We had dinner at the Fresh Water Lodge - I had salmon and Pat had the perch - fabulous dinners. And then for lunch we stopped at the Peninsula Grill and I had the lobster roll and Pat had a Salmon sandwich - we sat in the sun by the window and the waitress was very nice and friendly and we decided if we could do this trip all over again it couldn't be better.

Then the drive home - too much car time - not enough stops - haven't I learned my lesson yet?!? GGGrrrr..... Sometimes I could kick myself. Because of a detour there really wasn't anywhere to stop for a long time - I also fell asleep which meant I didn't move my legs in the car - live and learn (I hope).

Sunday, March 21, 2010


This Back To Work stuff isn't so much fun! Well - Thursday I worked the whole day - I should have worked 6 hours. Friday I worked 5 hours and went right to physical therapy. So I'm thinking every day next week will have to be a short day until I'm feeling like I can work 8 hours.

It was nice to see everyone - I didn't realize how much I missed working. I knew I was bored but I really liked getting back in my office and actually working on payroll!

Pat and I went shopping and I found LOTS of snowman plates - that is a good start for next season craft shows. Which by the way aren't that far away.

I thought I would get lots of beading done while I was off but I didn't - I was surprised to have such a short attention span while recuperating - I didn't read either. Thank goodness for Cash Cab being on Discovery so many times during the day! That by the way is my favorite show - Amy told me about it and I watched it every day - lots of times I fell asleep while it was on but it sure made the day go faster!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Dinner at Outback

Jim and Cindy and Pat and I went out to celebrate my birthday - we were all so busy in December we couldn't go and then my knee surgery - so we went out last night. It sure was nice to sit and visit and see what everyone is doing. We even called Jane and told her to update her blog! Her response was that "Jim doesn't even HAVE a blog!" We had a really nice time.

So many of our kids and grandkids go out of the country on a regular basis - I still can't get used to how global this generation is - it is nothing to find them visiting or living in Australia, New Zealand, India, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, China, Chile, Croatia, Mexico - all over the globe. My one trek to Ireland with Mom, Fran and Patsy - that and an occasional trip to Canada will probably be the extent of my out of the US travel.

I'm gearing up for going back to work at the end of the week - YIKES - I'm not sure I am ready for this!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mary Lynn's Art Show

My cousin, Mary Andrews, has a solo art show at the Saginaw Township Offices. When we went to Arizona we saw a Chihuly glass exhibit at the Phoenix Botanical Gardens - it was amazing - when we got home - even more amazing was how Mary Lynn made quilt hangings that looked just like the gardens.

I tried to pick out my favorite - it was difficult - but I guess the boat filled with glass and a large tree behind it was beautiful. The dark bark of the tree contrasts with rest of the quilt and I stood in front of it a long time soaking in the artistry.

The display will be there all of March - if you haven't seen it - stop by and walk through.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Another milestone

We made it to Tawas yesterday. Car rides have not been the best thing lately - but yesterday we actually made it up north - and if you know us at all - you know that is a big milestone. We did stop at the casino on the way so I could lose $40 and it gave us a break from the car. I had fun - played a long time on the last $20 - the guy next to me kept winning and I think he actually ended up with $150 - not bad on a penny machine.

We stopped to see our friend Barb - it was a nice visit and a chance to catch up about our families. We were laughing about Grand Marais when we (Barb and I)wouldn't go down Devil's Slide anymore (it was when I knew I was actually an adult because I wouldn't let Janet talk me into something STUPID!) Then we laughed more remembering Pat going all the way down - coming back up and then going down again for one of the other kids having trouble coming up.

The trip home was okay until about 3 miles from home - then I was really ready for the trip to be done. But it was a great day filled with memories, sunshine and Lake Huron.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I went to help a friend with Word 2007 - I HATE IT - even though I have come to love Excel 2007 I don't use Word enough to overcome my intense dislike of it. I tried to make changes for him on his computer and they kept going back to the previous way the documents were setup. So I researched it this morning and I'll go back and see if I can change it. Mine is setup correctly - which makes me thing that maybe he needs to reinstall his. We'll see if the changes work.

I am getting more and more mobile - I am still worried about going back to work next week and sitting most of the day - the PT told me I can't do that - I have to walk around as much as possible. We'll see how that works when I go back. I'm going shopping today - I need some new spring clothes - I sure hope I find what I need to go back to work. I still will need to wear my tennis shoes for support and I need a couple pairs of pants and some tops.

We went to the soup supper and evening prayer last night - it has been a very nice Lenten service. It simplifies the middle of the week and gives us a chance to slow down and take time to pray.

Ells Bells called with a plumbing problem - but alas - Uncle Pat has been working and on jury duty for the past 2 weeks - hope everything worked out for you!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Proof - Spring is Here

Not the Red Wing Blackbird, not a Robin.......

In Mt. Pleasant yesterday a college student walked in with a mini skirt, tank top and sandals - no coat! PROOF POSITIVE Spring has sprung in Michigan!

We went to all our favorite stops - 2 antique stores, Goodwill and Salvation Army - not one plate to be purchased! I can't believe it! Someone advertised in the Saginaw News that they are having a "Cabin Fever" Garage Sale today - I think I have to go!

Really worked hard at PT yesterday - lots of new things - Amy you will love this - I had to balance on one foot - couldn't do it - even with my WII Yoga which I can balance on - the mat I had to balance on at PT was a cushy - wobbly thing - I don't think I will ever get to more than a few seconds on it.

Pat's going to work on the garage all day - back wall needs replacing from a accident a few weeks ago - not us thank goodness and no one was hurt. But the back wall is a mess. We got the insurance check and he's going to try to get it done quickly.

Going to a baby shower today - then to church - that's it for now - ME

Thursday, March 4, 2010

What a beautiful week

The sun has been shining all week long - temps in the high 30's - blue sky - I love it when you get days like this in March in Michigan.

The other night I heard something in the kitchen - It actually sounded as if a shelf fell in one of the cupboards - no crashes - just noise. I didn't get up to investigate. In the morning we found the latch to the microwave broke and the door opened and hit the wall. We decided to get a new microwave so yesterday we bought the cheapest model that was over the range. We really only defrost, reheat and make popcorn - so we think this is the best model for us. Pat is installing it as I type. We are talking about redoing the kitchen - I'm pleading for summertime instead of while I am still trying to take it easy.

PT is getting harder - celibrex is working pretty well - I'm actually looking forward to going back to work (I know remind me of that when I get back, Robyn.)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

One more change

When I went for my yearly physical yesterday I got one more change in medication - the doctor wasn't happy with me taking 2 advil every 4 hours even throughout the night - so I'm on to one pill a day of Celibrex - I have some pain today but it is not awful - and she said to give it 3 days - so maybe this will work. I have to say I was very leary of taking so many advil.

We are really taking it easy this week - I have been sitting around in between doing physical therapy and my home exercises. I was talking to Amy last night and we both said those two things take up A LOT of time.

We are going to the Lenten soup supper and evening prayer on Wednesday's - I love evening prayer - very few people were there - enough to fill the chapel though so it was nice last week. It did make me think of my friends at St. Mary's - Gene Schreiber and his awesome clam chowder that I wish I would have asked him for the recipe (Maybe Anne Marie has it - I'm going into facebook to ask her this morning. And Ruth Eggers fabulous white chili that I did get the recipe for thank goodness.

I'm looking forward to doing the Stephen Knapp inspired lights at church for Easter - Bill and Pat are going to help, too. Can't wait. It feels good getting to be a part of a parish again.