Sunday, November 29, 2009

Grandy Farm This Weekend

Can't wait for next weekend - I'll be working on Sunday - but the open house is all weekend long - make sure you take a drive over to see the 127 year old farm house and all the delightful gifts available for your Christmas gift list!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

What a lazy day!

I took a lesson from my sister, Jane! She said she was going to spend the whole day of Thanksgiving doing nothing - well - that's what I did today! Pat went to Almont to do some work at his brother's house and here it is 6:48 and I'm still in my pj's!

I watched "Return to Me" "Say yes to the dress" (I know trashy - but fun) "Dinner Impossible" and a very short amount of "Criminal Minds" (which I never watch because it is toooo creepy and here I was watching it by myself - I turned the dog gone thing off.)

I got caught up entering all my receipts for dishes and knives, etc. into my spreadsheet. Played a few computer games. And just vegged out for most of the day. Now I'm waiting for Pat to return and go out to eat with him. I sure did miss him today.

I've been thinking of the Stelter family all day - it sounds as if Maureen will have a good recovery after her surgery - much love to all of them - and a big thanks to Jennifer for keeping us all informed on her facebook.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yeah - last day of work for the week!

Well – with the possibility of getting into one more show next weekend, I’ll be back in high speed wrapping mode this weekend. I’ve ordered 200 more knives and this afternoon I’m going to Jo-Ann Fabric – my absolutely favorite store. They have Merry Moolah today so I’m going to buy, buy, buy lots of beads! I want gold and red and green and crystal and more gold…….

Then – I’m staying away from Black Friday – I’ll leave Joanna, my daughter, to the sales. She took a coupon class and the woman is possessed. She saves more than she spends, often getting products for free. I save all my coupons for her and she loves putting them in order and figuring out how she can save money.

Caroline sent me pictures of her grandchildren – Ava after she climbed into the dog cage with their new dog Chachi and Javier holding the dog on the couch. They are adorable pictures. Ava has tried since she started moving around to go after their first dog, Baby, but every time she got close Baby would get up and move to the other side of the house. Chachi lets her get close and she loves it!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Even though I have been selling Christmas plates and knives since June I just cannot get into the Christmas holiday spirit especially before Thanksgiving – I hate that the radio stations have switched to Christmas music – I hate that the Christmas ads have been in the paper for weeks – I hate that I have to think about Christmas at all right now!

If I wasn’t trying to sell Christmas myself this would be okay – but when I am pushing people for seven months to buy Christmas plates I really should be more open to the blending of the season all year round – but I’m not – I hate it, too! I really don’t think that I am turning into a Grinch – just someone who wants every season to be special. So how do I justify selling these hostess gifts all year? I don’t – I just drive myself crazy – and many of my friends will tell you it is a very short drive!

I do remember one September when our daughters were little that I had every Christmas gift purchased and wrapped. My friend, Kay and I had gone to some fabulous garage sales and sidewalk sales and yup – it was a very frugal Christmas, too. It never happened again but it was an amazing holiday season not thinking about Christmas gifts at all that year during the Christmas season.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A full day of sleep!

Wow - yesterday must have been a catch up day for me! After waking up at my usual 1:00 am middle of the night can't sleep wake up - I watched a bit of TV - read a bit and then Pat got up and we had coffee. We both fell back asleep. We got up and drove to Flushing to meet a new acquaintance that had called to say she had some Christmas dishes for me - so we went to the craft show she was selling at and got the dishes - how nice of her to think of me after a brief conversation at the Clarkston show!

Well anyway - I slept all the way to Flushing. Then we went to a few thrift shops and I slept all the way home. We got home and Pat said he really wanted to go back out driving - so we did and guess what? I slept most of the afternoon away in the car.

The we came home and he wanted to take a nap - so - yup you are right - I fell asleep again. Then we went to a wake to be with a friend whose girlfriend died last week and sat and talked with friends for a few hours. We then stopped at Pompeii for dinner to see Caroline and Jesse (who waited on us with love and cooked us great perch!) Then home to where else? Bed. I didn't think I would make it all night but here it is 4:45 and I just awakened!!!!

I must have needed the whole day because I feel wonderful!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

YEAH! Another Show Added for Sheala!

We are so happy that we got into the Horizon Center Keepsake Show on December 12th. Sheala is going to be selling the dishes and knives to raise money for a special trip this summer. She will be going to Boston for two weeks to attend a conference for students who want to be doctors. So she is going to use this opportunity to raise the money to pay for the trip.

So - on December 12th - at the Horizon Conference Center in Saginaw - all proceeds go to Sheala! YEAH!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Holidays Begin

I love November - it starts the season of holidays at work. First there is Veteran's Day - then Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving - then my birthday - then Christmas Eve and Christmas - then New Years day then Martin Luther King Jr. Day - I love days off so these next few months are my favorite at work!

Next weekend is the show at Mt. Pleasant High School - I am really looking forward to it because it is the opening season of deer hunting that weekend so I would imagine LOTS of women will be shopping for Christmas with their friends. And I do have to say - groups of women at my booth usually means they talk each other into buying something! Yahoo!

I'm seeing good friends from high school this weekend. Jo - who we named our first child after (with the promise if she ever won the lottery she would share it with my first born!) And my lockermate - we shared a locker for 12 years because our names alphabetically were together - good thing we loved each other! So I am looking forward to a fun time together. I am sure I'll blog about it later.

The weather is supposed to be fantastic today - a beautiful Michigan fall day - if I am to believe the weather people - which I only do when it fits my needs!

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Two Years

So I was looking back on the blog and realized that I have been writing in it for two years - it seems like yesterday! So - since I only have two years left at work maybe it will go as quickly!!!!!

Trick or Treat

Well we stayed home to hand out candy - all 10 pieces! Whew - Adams Blvd we are not. But there was one little cutie about 6 years old that came to the door and sang the old dittie "Trick or Treat, Smell my feet, Give me somethin good to eat!" When Pat stopped laughing he gave him a candy bar and the little goblin said "Thank you have a nice Halloween!"

One young lady came to the door all dressed up with her Dad waiting at the end of the sidewalk. She looked to be about 12 and I thought how wonderful to still go trick or treating with her Dad and having a good time, too.

Anyway - I missed having lots of kids at the door.