Friday, October 30, 2009

Thank You Elise

My cousin, Elise, sent me a package of dishes and knives she had found on her antique store jaunts - they are beautiful. It was like Christmas opening the box yesterday and finding the treasures within. Thank you, thank you, thank you - what fun.

My living room and kitchen are destroyed - dishes, knives dropped beads, plastic bins to hold them - I am determined to have the bins filled and in the basement tonight with priced hostess sets ready to go to the next sale in two weeks.

I can't wait to see all the little ghosts and goblins tomorrow night - we have more kids in the neighborhood this year so I think it will be fun. It is supposed to rain and be windy today but maybe a little better for trick or treating tomorrow.

Then on Sunday we are going to Olympia and Vince's for dinner - yum - yum - Olympia is by far the very best cook around - we love to stand around the kitchen - eating snacks watching her cook (we do help out a bit too) She is a master at cooking and keeping us entertained until we sit down to a scrumptious meal. Good friends - good food - an all around good night - we are looking forward to it.

I've been helping my friend with a winkflash book - that has been fun - now it is all ready to go and I am just waiting for a sale to order them - that was fun helping her get it all in order.

Pat's birthday was yesterday so we went out to the Junction and had a drink after he went to choir practice - they had a great band there and we really enjoyed the music.

That's all for now - gotta go have coffee before I go to work - ME

Monday, October 26, 2009

Traverse City Jaunt

Our friends let us stay at their up north home in Bellaire for the weekend - it was so beautiful up there - it rained Friday and Saturday but Sunday was sunny and warm. The trees were golden with rain-soaked trunks and so the rain was even a welcome addition. There was a huge rainbow over the Mission Peninsula on Saturday in the late afternoon - it was raining and sunny in sections.

We went to eight shops - and bought some beautiful dishes. At one we found old white china plates made in Japan with a half inch golden rim - they are going to sell out this season I am sure. I wrapped beads all weekend so I just have to put the sets together and I'll be set for Mt. Pleasant.

We were going to stay one more night but decided we've played hooky from work too much lately - so we are going back to work today - yuck.

I've been working on Pat's cousins pictures and thankfully, Pat helped me yesterday and we got the last of them scanned. So I am going to start to put them together on Winkflash or Snapfish - haven't decided which one yet. So I better go do that now!

Monday, October 19, 2009


We did so well in Clarkston - I'm almost out of knives - but this morning I have been surfing and I FOUND KNIVES!!! YEAH - we can continue. We had a really nice time and met some really great crafters. Pat likes watching the people and I love selling to them! YEAH!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Getting Ready for Clarkston

We've been busy getting ready to sell at Clarkston High School this weekend. I think we will do well there - the wrapped beads with dishes are very unique and very affordable - so I'm thinking this might be an all time high for sales!

I found some really cute Christmas dishes - and Joanna found me some snowflake dishes so I'm set for this show.

Wish me good luck!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Very Sad News

Leo Lynch died this weekend. I have such great memories of him all through my life. My favorite? Riding on his shoulders when I was in first grade. He was a young associate pastor and very active with the students at St. Mary Cathedral. We loved him as much as we loved our teacher, Sr. Yvonne. He came to our classroom a lot of times and he made us laugh.

In later years, after he had married Judy, they sat many times behind us at Liturgy - his voice reminded me of my Dad's and I loved hearing him sing. My Mom asked if he could sing Ave Maria at her funeral and he did - it was beautiful and exactly what she wanted - it meant so much to all of us.

Leo and Judy were mentors to our daughter Joanna and her then fiance Robin. Joanna and Robin had just graduated from high school and Robin was ready to leave for the Army - I felt that Judy and Leo wrapped them in love and wisdom to begin their marriage.

Many times when we saw Leo and Judy over the years we had our trips to Ireland as a common experience for us to talk about - I so enjoyed those discussions. Just two weeks ago we saw them at the Frankenmuth craft show - I am so glad we got to talk for a little bit.

Much love to Judy and their children - Leo will be missed by many.

Great Sales

I had my best sales every at the Ryder Center - I didn't even have time to write a blog that I was there yesterday. Pat and I went all over the great State of Michigan looking for dishes. I wrapped until I couldn't wrap anymore and next weekend I have a two-day show in Clarkston and I have to buy and wrap all this week. It was so nice to see many friends and repeat customers! Thank you for making Saturday such a great day.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Those Dog Gone Tigers

I was so looking forward to watching the Tigers in the World Series this year. Goodness they are unpredictable. I still love them - but I'm disappointed.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Up in the UP

Pat and I are on a road trip - we try to get to Manistique once a year - usually for Pat's birthday month. So here we are sitting having coffee and waffles at the Peninsula Inn at 6:24 am.

We started out by leaving early from work and getting to the Keyhole Bar in Mackinaw City to watch the Tigers on Thursday. They had the chance of winning the division title but - they didn't do it. We thought the colors may have started but the trees have hardly turned at all.

So then we went to St. Ignace to spend the night. We stayed at a very nice hotel - the Days Inn. We had a huge room which had a balcony looking over Lake Huron. We went to the Casino and Pat made enough that we walked out with $15 extra dollars (which means he had to win a lot more because I lost my $20!) Thank goodness we had traveled over the bridge and stayed in St. Ignace because the wind was really blowing - there were people there that had to go over the bridge that morning and the staff person was telling them they would probably have to have an escort to go over the bridge! YIKES!

So then we drove to Escanaba to go to a couple thrift shops and then back to Manistique. I feel bad that it is raining so much because we can't go to Palms Brook State Park to ride on the raft - we love doing that. We did go to Ted's last night for dinner - my friend, Diane, at work heard we go there every time we come to Manistique and she laughed and told us it was her uncle that owned it. We saw him last night and I told him we were her friends and he said to say hi to her. The dinner was great - Pat said his Canadian Walleye was the best fish he ever had and my Campfire Trout was delicious. We kept trying to outdo our adjectives about the dinner saying we each had the best meal! Really - we always look forward to going there and it ALWAYS exceeds our anticipation of what it will be.

So - today we are going home - the wind has died down so it won't be so bad going over the bridge. We have had a very nice time. Maybe we will have to come back up in a few weeks to see some color.