Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I love this

My friend Greg sent this to me - his Mom sent it to him. This was a show in 1957 - I was six years old - It is TIMELESS!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away?

I gotta say - the deluge of rain yesterday in Midland was unbelievable - I have never seen so much rain in such a short time. I had to keep pushing on the canvas of my awning over my dishes so it wouldn't burst! I was sopping wet - head to foot.

However - if this sounds like a bad thing it wasn't. I had two women stuck under my cover with me - they just kept buying! Then right after the rain I looked like a drowned rat and I think this one family felt sorry for me because they just kept buying, too. I would wrap something and the daughter would ask if she could exchange it for something else - then her father would buy it for her and then she would exchange that again. In the meantime her mother kept buying gifts for Christmas. It was the most fun. I like it when someone loves each piece they find more than the one they thought they wanted to purchase.

I do hope for sunshine today - big crowds - and that Paula does great today. She actually is having a table 50% off - and her antiques are so great - so if you are in the area come on over to the fairgrounds in Midland today and say hi and buy, buy buy!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Big Selling Weekend

The Antique Festival in Midland is this weekend - read all the info:

A Reason to CELEBRATE!

Sheala got her Stage One License - she completed the classes and the driving time - we are so proud of her. They all came over for ribs and beans for dinner last night to celebrate! I can't wait until I can have her come pick me up to go for a ride. One of her rides in the classes took her over THE NASTY ZILWAUKEE BRIDGE during a terrific rain storm - she couldn't see at all. You know from a previous post that I would have been screaming!!!!

Good Job Sheala

Another Tiger Game

Thank goodness we went to the game they won! Jesse and Caroline called to ask if we wanted to go with them - you don't have to ask us twice!

Jesse was SSSSSSOOOOO happy that Magglio hit a GRAND SLAM! It was hot in the sun so we kept moving all around to stay in the shade - except for Jesse - he needed to sit right at the end of the row in case he could catch a ball!

We had a great time.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Car Show

We went to the car show with my brother Jim this afternoon. We had a great time. Beautiful old cars - lots of them - we reminisced about different cars in our lives. Jim sold his corvette and I think he was in the mood to buy one today - but nothing really jumped out at us.

The car show was on Hamilton Street - ten of the pubs and restaurants in the area had a "grilling war" - we bought a ticket for $10 and then at each of the restaurants we could get a small serving of BBQ food. We ate at 5 of the restaurants - but were too full to eat at the rest. So when we were leaving I gave our three tickets to a family walking in with three kids. Hope they enjoyed it as much as we did!

It was good to see so many people enjoying themselves in the sunshine - we saw lots of people we knew - we had a great time. Then we came home and Pat and I watched Mission Impossible III and Bourne Incident - I liked MI but I read through most of the BI.

I just finished Maeve Binchy's book "Scarlet Feather" - I really liked it.

Visit with Friends

Pat and I drove up to Ossineke to visit Kay and Jerry while they were camping on Saturday. We had a nice time visiting with them. The weather was fabulous - we drove through some rain storms on the way there but the campground was sunny, windy and warm.

I made some rolls before we left and took Italian sausages and green and red peppers and onions to make lunch. While I was waiting for the dough to rise we went to an estate sale that we had checked out on Friday afternoon and I knew there were a few things I wanted half off on Saturday. The two dish sets I bought were cut glass - really beautiful plates. Then we went home, baked the rolls, and took off for the State Forest Campground.

When we got there we had a very nice afternoon - I cooked - we all ate - and then we sat by the campfire to talk. It was good to catch up on our families.

Goodbye to Friends

Our friends, Mike and Kathy, have moved to California - we went out to dinner with their family on Friday night to say goodbye. I remember when I was in grade school and Kathy's family lived across the street from us on Hoyt Street. The family went to California for six months I think - every single day I looked for them when I came home from school. One day - I was so happy to see their car back in their driveway. It was good to have them home.

Kathy and Mike went to California to care for her sister while she was recuperating from surgery - they were there for a few months and decided they wanted to move there - they came home, sold their house in 2 weeks and moved Saturday! Wow! It all happened so fast.

We haven't seen them too much these past couple of years - certainly not as much as when we moved back to Saginaw when Mike talked me into applying for a job with the City. He was sure that I could walk right in and do a good job - his confidence in me was WAY more confidence than I had about it - I never would have dreamed of applying for that job without his encouragement and support.

I hope their journey is a good one - perhaps they will come back to visit.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I ended up coming home feeling sick to my stomach today - considering I have only left work 3 times in 20+ years you know it was a doozy. I came home took a nap - Pat came home and said I needed a Great Lake - so off to Pier 23 for dinner after a long ride to Tawas,lunch on the deck overlooking Lake Huron and then back home. I'm feeling better - I'll go back to work tomorrow and life will go on. What in the world would I do without Patrick - I never want to find out.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Expecting Adam

I read Expecting Adam by Martha Beck this weekend. It was a very good book. Every once in awhile I would stop and have to read a passage to Pat. I would like to read another one to follow up on this true story.

When I did a search to get a picture for this blog I found out she is a columnist for the Oprah magazine and that she does have a couple other books. It was fun to go through her scrapbook pictures of Adam and his sisters.

Camping with Patrick

We had a great time in Atlanta (Michigan) camping at Clear Lake State Park. We went on lots of drives looking for elk (they were hiding this trip). But we saw deer and turkeys and lots of beautiful flowers. We stopped at Bear Den Lake - but no Loons were there - we had to go to Seney Wildlife Refuge to see the one above. I cooked on the fire for most of the trip - we had great breakfasts but we have learned to have Pat cook the eggs inside the trailer while I cook everything else outside. The best thing I did to prepare for the trip was make rolls - we used them for toast in the morning and for the buns to our Italian sausages with peppers and onions.

Then on Saturday we took a day trip from there to Grand Marais to see Mr. Lepeak. That was a nice trip. We first stopped in Seney to drive through the trails - we saw loons and swans.

After sitting for an hour in the backyard with the sun, the wind, and feeling as if we were in heaven, we went to church with Mr. Lepeak. That was fun - as only Grand Marais church can be - then we went back to the house for a pizza and the best raspberry wine anywhere - mmmmmm. Then back to Atlanta - we got back just as it turned dark around 10 pm and we camped one more night and then home.

We took Pat's parents out for dinner to celebrate his Mom's birthday - we had a nice visit with them. And now - back to work in a couple of hours.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th Picnic

We all met at the Tridge in Midland for a nice afternoon at the park. We had Brats and Salads and Brownies and fruit - everyone bringing something to make it special. Danielle and Tim joined us with their little sweetie and Robbie and Sheala came with their parents. Ava and Javier came with Mom and Melissa even brought a friend with his son to join in the fun. Caroline and Jesse rounded out the day.

Pat and I decided not to go to Ojibway Island for the fireworks - we went to the outside patio at the Junction - we were home in 5 minutes flat. That was a good thing. We saw George and Stella - the Sheltraw women - and we had a nice time. However, I missed seeing the fireworks on the ground and off the bridge.

We had a great day!

Friday, July 3, 2009

A Nice Long Weekend

I love a holiday - but of course - this one is one of the best! My sister, Jane, has the 4th of July birthday and she always thought that everyone in the City celebrated her birthday with her (and of course now that she is older and wiser she thinks the whole damn country celebrates her birthday!)

When we were little we used to have her birthday celebration and someone would follow my Dad down to Hoyt Park to find a good parking place for our car. Then we would either get a ride from a relative to the park or I even remember walking one year. To sit on the gentle slope of the park on a blanket having the fireworks burst just above our heads was such a treat. I still remember hearing the rat-a-tat-tat of the fireworks with my heart beating along in the same rhythm. I still love that feeling.


We're having a picnic in the afternoon - can't wait to see everyone. I'll write about that later.