Tuesday, June 30, 2009

River Roar

We went to the Bay City River Roar on Sunday - we stopped at the Dockside in Bay City just in time to see the very last race. It was really fun. We sat on the steps of the dock and watched the fastest boats I have ever seen.

The day was absolutely beautiful - very windy, lots of sunshine, tons of people, loud motors, spraying water, and very very very fast boats. I think we will try to make it for more than one race next year!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Fun

Last night we went to the parish picnic - it was very nice. I'm looking forward to the Liturgy tomorrow in the tent at church - they do the whole weekend with Golf and a Euchre tournament. We even went over to help on Thursday to prepare for the Friday evening dinner - we wrapped potatoes for baking. It was nice to be asked to help. When we decided to leave later on after the dinner(the music was very loud) we went to Jim and Jan's to sit on their deck in the quiet of the evening. It was a nice ending to a good day.

Early this morning we found a 70's Dick Cavett show on TMC that had him interviewing Alfred Hitchcock - it was great. We laughed through the whole hour. Then I watched Suspicion - there was a whole day of Hitchcock movies but we were too busy to watch them all - I told Pat we should start renting them and try to watch every one.

Today, Pat went over to help Jim put his air conditioner in and Jan and and I went to estate sales. I found a beautiful pair of tea light candle holders and decided to wrap those up for the the wedding gift we were giving that afternoon. I hate to just give a check and this made the gift special. I am sure I have purchased this same pair for $40 each for a previous wedding gift and I got them for $5.00. What fun. I found several dishes - then Pat and I went back to one that was 1/2 off after 2:00 and I bought quite a few more Christmas dishes. Jan - I looked for the red and blue striped bowl - but it was gone.

Then we went to the wedding picnic. They had one of those destination weddings and not many people could attend - so they had a picnic today in Clio - the yard was fabulous. Enough room for everyone to park, a double huge tent, badminton net, horseshoes, swings, and lots of room leftover. They had Famous Daves cater - so mmm...mmm... ribs. We got to talk to friends we haven't seen in a long while - so we caught up on what our families are doing.

We do live a good life - we enjoy so much time spent with friends. Then Pat and I went for a ride and then came home to watch the Tigers - turned that off and went to bed! But I couldn't sleep - hence the blog.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Great Weekend

We started out with a fabulous evening at Lori and Tim's. They hosted a party while the Greek Festival was going on in Saginaw. They live close to the festival and it was a really nice evening at their home. Most people started out at the festival to eat the yummy Greek food and then stopped over for good company and drinks at the house. While we were there we found out that Lori and Tim bought a home in the Cathedral District and Lori is in the midst of bringing it back to life. So....

On Saturday we stopped by - it is a home from my old neighborhood - just around the block from our Jefferson home on Millard. It used to have a doctor's office in one section of the home - and I even remember a sign back in the 60's that said "Laboratory" that used to hang on the porch. They have already made a dent in the trash that was left inside the home - it really will take years to be done. Pat is so happy to be able to help Lori with the plumbing. With so many of the walls opened up he will have an easier time putting in the pipes. While he was talking plumbing, I walked over to the Jefferson home - well - it's a mess. And Steve - the guy who is helping Lori get the house done said the roof is going and within a year if it isn't fixed the plaster in the home will rot. That is really sad. The backyard is full of weeds. The Lepeak (Leiberman) home is looking better. Flowers planted all around, cute wicker chairs in the backyard. Mrs. Odor's home looks very nice. The houses on Owen need lots of work and then back to Lori's home.

Then we decided to take flowers to our friend Barb - she just had surgery a few weeks ago and we just wanted to say hi and let her know we are thinking of her. We stopped at one place to buy flowers and I couldn't see inside the case because of moisture - the person working there said, it was too bad we couldn't see but that was how it was and she walked away! What is it with my florist problems in life? Then we stopped at Petal Pusher and bought the cutest little bucket filled with daisies. So then on to Tawas for a short visit - thankfully - Barb looks great and well onto her recovery.

We stopped at the St. Vincent de Paul, the Treasure Barn, and then on to Oscoda Flea Market - only found a few things. But it was a fun drive.

Today we will have some of Pat's family over for a cookout for Father's Day - how lucky we are to have such great fathers in this family.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My friend, Fran, sent these links - click on the year to hear songs from that year - it's fun.

Plant a Tree in Michigan!

From Michigan DNR.... and my friend, Amy

Odwalla is re-running its successful Plant a Tree promotion for 2009, and has DOUBLED the funding they will put towards the trees from $50,000 in 2008 to $100,000 in 2009. Only 11 State Park systems will be eligible for the funding, based on the states that participate in the Park Visitor Welcome Kit program.

How it works:
Each time someone goes to www.parkvisitor.com/odwalla and chooses Michigan, $1 will be added to our state's tree fund. Each computer will only be allowed to participate once. The program will remain open until all funds are used, or until Dec. 31, 2009. The state with the most clicks gets the most dollars! To see how you are doing, click on the Number of Trees Planted tab.

Please go on line and click for Michigan State Park Trees. Feel free to pass this info on to your friends and family and ask them to click too! It only takes a moment. One state park that participated last year received over $20,000. Let's start clicking to replace ash trees lost to the Emerald Ash Borer. Virginia is only about 200 ahead of Michigan - GO NOW!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Waiting for Pat

Pat, his brother David, Robin and Robbie went on a man weekend. They camped in the Pigeon River Forest. They are coming home this afternoon - and I really missed having Pat around with me over the weekend. I am sure they had fun - Robbie was really looking forward to camping right on the river so he could fish from sunup to sundown.

So after reading, going to estate sales, going to Birch Run and Clio Goodwills - out to dinner with Sheala and Joanna - Church this morning - where I agreed to be on the Environment Committee! Then out to breakfast with Bill and Amy - I'm really looking forward to seeing my honey!


OK - you are lucky to be reading this message - I very easily could have died yesterday. Joanna and Sheala MADE me drive on the Zilwaukee Bridge in Saginaw and I was almost on it when I realized where I was going (you have to know I usually never know where I am at when I am driving - thank goodness for the Garmin!) I have had a one woman protest about going over it at all - one time I went over it when someone else was driving - but I HATE it.

When it was built I think someone was on drugs because the whole thing had a droop in it. So the whole way over the bridge yesterday I was screaming, "AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" Sheala, in her second week of drivers training, kept saying when she could drive she would be a better driver going over the bridge. Both Sheala and her mother couldn't stop laughing. It was a trip to say the least.

Anyway we had fun. We stopped at a book sale - buy one get one and they were only .50 or 1.00. It was a church book sale so there were lots of Christian books there - I found the first of the "Left Behind" series and Pat's cousins love the series so I thought I would buy the first one - I read 100 pages last night and I really like it - They had 5 or 6 of the other books in the series but I thought I would read the first one and decide - now I think even if I see number 10 again I won't buy it until I find number 2 and read that one - I like it when I have something specific to look for at garage sales!

Then we went to Goodwill and the books were .39 so Joanna and Sheala found lots to buy there. I got some cute dishes - and a new Calaphon griddle for $6 - so all in all - it was a good buy day.

And we DIDN'T drive back over the stupid bridge to come home.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Excel Fun

My brother, Larry, sent me a great site link for excel shortcuts - I LOVE EXCEL - I am at my happiest at work when I am working on new spreadsheets. My favorite spot where 99.9% of the time when I have needed a formula to do something in excel I have found an answer there that I could tweek to make work on my spreadsheet. It is an amazing help and has a great search capability.

Excel Help

Here is the shortcut that my brother sent - it has some fun mouse shortcuts that I was happy to see - I can't wait to start using them.

Excel Shortcuts

If you have a favorite formula or excel shortcut that you use all the time leave a comment.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Next Weekend

I'm going to spend all next weekend working on crafting! I haven't done anything for so long other than my beads - and I have lots of those done for the next show in July - so - I'm going to indulge!

I have tons of wallpaper books, lots of picture books I bought at the library sale for $5 a bag - oops - all my scrapbooking supplies are at Carolina Moons - I'm stopping there today so I'll pick those up.

Things I have thinking about:

Notecards - cute homemade little cards to have on hand when I want to write something quick to someone special.

I haven't made an altered book in a long time - maybe I'll work on one of those.

Collage of pictues for the wall (I know everyone that knows me will say "What Empty Wall does she have?"

I can't wait to start on a project!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tigers Game

Well - we went to another Tiger's Game on Thursday. We got to watch Willis lose it in the 3rd inning with all those walks - Leyland getting kicked out after yelling at the umps over walks and strikes - Cabrera limp home after pulling something in his leg - what a game! We had fun though. Even though the temperature was only 67 it felt like 95. We both used sunscreen but we still burned a bit. Tigers need to start HITTING more! We are still in first place by a teensy bit - GO TIGERS!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Computer Problems

I hate computers - no I actually love using them when they work - but oooooohhhhh I'm tired of mine acting so slow. But I don't even have time to take it somewhere - I've been messing with it at 4:00 in the morning but that hasn't helped. And to top it off Charter has been having problems the last couple of days too.

Anyway - that's why I haven't updated. The Antique Festival was fun with Paula and Dave and Pat. However we had some problems with wind. I lost some dishes, my canopy bent and tried to blow us away. Thank goodness the son of the person in charge came by and helped us stake the canopy back down.

So - I sold enough to pay expenses and I am sure I will return. The next one is in July. The new spot right across from Merchant Building 25 was great.