Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ayva is Here

Jesse's daughter Crystal had baby Ayva early this morning - Grandma Caroline called at 2:18 this morning to tell us how cute she is. YEAH! Crystal was sooooo ready to have that baby! I can't wait to cuddle.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's been almost 15 years

Can you believe it - they are giving Mom one more chance to buy Aplets and Cotlets! Her favorite Christmas present to mail to someone. Last year Readers Digest sent her a mailing that said on the front "Elinor Shea We Miss You!" Awe - I miss her too.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Answer: Over 700

Question: How many miles did we travel Wednesday - Saturday!

We had a beautiful color tour in Northern and Upper Michigan. We stayed in Manistique at our favorite hotel - it used to be the Holiday Inn Express but the owner opted out of the chain and it is now the Peninsula Inn. It is so nice - the rooms are big and very nicely decorated - the whole place is impeccably clean and Pat's favorite is the fresh popped popcorn in the lobby each evening. Not to mention the fresh baked cookies you smell as you check in. The cost was $70/night which included the breakfast buffet and $10 tokens for the casino for each of us.

I wrapped knives all the way up and back so I think I have enough now for both shows - Christmas on the Grandy Farm December 5,6, and 7 and the following weekend at Horizon Conference Center.
We drove to Grand Marais (Mr. Lepeak was out on a Coast Guard training so we missed seeing him) Escanaba (Where the absolute best Goodwill I have ever seen - and I've seen dozens - is located), Munising (Where we saw waterfalls and bought a dozen pasties from Muldoons to bring home for winter dinners) Palms Brook State Park where you can take a raft out over the Kitch-iti-kipi, The Big Spring. At this time of year you are virtually guaranteed of being able to take it out all by yourself and have no one show up the whole time you are out over the springs. It's really a beautiful spot. We stopped at every St. Vincent de Paul, Goodwill and Salvation Army from Saginaw to Escanaba! It was a fun trip.

Then when we got home we went to church where Jack celebrated Mass and gave a beautiful homily, Bill sang, Karen played the piano and Jean Marie the flute - all in all - the most wonderful celebration to end such a beautiful weekend. It brought tears to my eyes and comfort to my soul.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Travels Continue

Well - it is Michigan and it is Fall AND gas prices came down dramatically so................ of course we went traveling again. On Friday, I got out of work early and off we went to Mackinaw City. On our way we stopped in Tawas at Fabulous Finds and dropped off some hostess plates and knives. Even though Julie said sales have slowed down I expected that with the tourists down. I expect this coming weekend might be busy - and then Christmas shopping will start.

We spent the night at the Best Western in Mackinaw City - ate perch at the Keyhole Bar and Grill and then walked through all the stores in with everything 50 - 75% off (I'm very proud - I resisted buying) then we got up early to go traveling a bit in the UP.

The colors were not at peak but they were still spectacular - lots of yellows and golds. We drove through St. Ignace and took the detour with the Cut River Bridge being out - so we had lots of twists and turns. Actually we followed a big semi with a carnival ride on it - I sure wouldn't want to drive it on those tight curves. At one point it came around a curve at the same time a semi was coming the other way - YIKES.

We wanted to buy some Pasties at Suzy's but they don't open until 11 - so we stopped at the casino and for the first time I walked out with more than I went in with - a whole $4 more! I'll take walking out with $24 over losing my usual $20.

We came home on Saturday for church and a dinner with friends after and then on Sunday it was so beautiful we took off again. This time to the west - over to Big Rapids and Cadillac areas.

I couldn't really afford the time off from the beads - so - I took them with me and wrapped and wrapped for hours. Now hopefully when I get home this afternoon I will find that each knife matches a plate in the closet!

We so enjoyed our weekend. I do love Michigan.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I just love Michigan - and fall is such a beautiful season. Pat is going up North this morning to walk in the woods - he really enjoys spending time in the woods. We are thinking of taking a day trip sometime this week. Our tree in our backyard is empty - and all raked up and picked up last Thursday! The last couple of years our tree has changed first and emptied first. I think the poor tree is sick but since Pat and I don't know a thing about them - it looks as if it might never get better!

On Sunday we went to Lansing and stopped at Goodwills and Thrift Shops - I found beautiful ruby red plates, I can't wait to start wrapping knives to match. My wire has been out of stock for the past week - I need some NOW. I'm hoping today or tomorrow the supply will be in. Before we came home we called Pat's brother and his wife and we met them for dinner and cards at the Draft House - Paula and I love playing cards there because we win!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Weekend at the Antique Festival in Midland

Well, the weekend started out bad. Paula had an accident on her way to the festival and even though she is okay, it meant that I had the booth by myself. Pat stayed with me most of the weekend so I had help.

I sold quite a bit of the hostess gifts. The people selling antiques were not very happy with their sales. I think that people are just not spending money on extras. The hostess gifts were affordable - $10 for one or 2 for $15 for a pretty plate and wrapped knife to match, and everyone is still going to give Christmas gifts so it was a good deal.

I sent an email to people that put on the SVSU show but I haven't heard back. It would be nice to get into one more show. I looked into Arthur Hill but it is the same day as the Grandy Farm where I will be again this year on the first weekend in December.

I sent a note to Paula - she is doing fine - that is what was most important from the weekend.