Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Beads, Beads and More Beads

I think I've named a post this before - but if I don't quit dropping whole containers of beads on the floor I'm going to quit!

I have 120 knives to finish for the show this weekend, the Midland Antique Festival at the Midland Fairgrounds and for the Grandy Farm in November. I have been buying Christmas plates for the past month so I will have lots of hostess gifts to sell. However, I am having trouble finding red and green beads - so I'm going shopping today after work again.

I should probably do at least one more Christmas show - does anyone have a favorite that I should try to get into? Let me know.

Okay - that's all - I have to go get ready for work.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Most Beautiful Wedding in This Decade!

We had such a wonderful day yesterday! The wedding was beautiful - the rain started a little bit before the wedding and then stopped completely for the ceremony (thank you St. Anthony). It was held at the Andersen Enrichment Center in the Rose Garden - we had an employee, Duncan, who helped us iron out any wrinkle in the plans - and who suggested many ideas on how to make the wedding ceremony run smoothly.

Caroline and Jesse made the perfect couple - the wedding party was made up of family and friends - Bill and Julie were fabulous ministers - Kevin and Bill played and sang that made the ceremony all come together - Jane and Jim, Caroline's Godparents, read from Corinthians 13 the reading that Grandpa Clifford told us that he says he has followed the advice in that reading his whole life. Bill's homily was so great - it was all about faith, hope and love - and how it all works in marriage. It meant so much to all of us that Bill and Julie married Caroline and Jesse. Jesse's two year old granson ran all around the couple - taking pictures, telling his Grandpa to look at the pictures he took, going to his Mom - one of the bridesmaids - and the beauty of it all - because Bill and Julie have two sweet children - it didn't bother them at all - they just continued with the ceremony. It was beautiful.

The reception was so fun - seeing all our cousins, aunts, uncles and friends - we were so happy to have it at the Freeland Convention/Banquet Center. The food was wonderful - the staff was so helpful, especially Derek, and all the tables were set so pretty.

The flowers from Gaertners were better than we ever imagined they would be - remember I wrote about Jackie at Gaertners before about how helpful she was ordering the flowers - well - she outdid herself in putting the flowers together.

So many people made the trip to come to the wedding, even though they couldn't stay for the reception - that made Caroline so happy. Mary Lynn, my cousin, was in charge of an Fiber Art Show. Ellie, Caroline's cousin with one of her premie twins came even though the other baby just came home this week. Brandon, another of Caroline's cousins that had a client with his first big show that evening in Detroit but still came to the wedding on a tight deadline. John, who brought his sound system to use and Laurie who lent us her digital piano and last but not least - our Kevin who came all the way from Milwaukee to play the music at the wedding but had to be back that evening. We talked all night about cousins - our generation and our children's generation - how much they all mean to us and how they make our family so rich. Our friends - the people we CHOOSE to be family - how much they have enriched our lives.

Caroline's daughter and her family came to the wedding and the reception - the first chance in twelve years that our family and friends had the chance to meet them. Even though Caroline and her Dad and I see them a couple times a year this was a big night. It was an overwhelming and wonderful experience. Her Mother and I talked about how blessed we all are. Family that came from out of State, Carey from Illinois, Theresa from California and Kelly from Texas - my sister and brother-in-law from Oklahoma.

Jesse and Caroline and their family will travel to Mexico this winter for a visit with his family when they can spend time with them without all the hoopla of a wedding. I remember when we used to bring Joanna and Robin and the kids home from Hawaii instead of visiting them there - same reason - more time to see them. We weren't going to travel and vacation - we wanted to hug grandchildren. So they will all get a chance to get to know one another in Mexico.

We are so thankful for such a wonderful day. And if you are wondering about the title of this blog - our other daughter had the most beautiful wedding LAST decade!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

2008 Honeymoon Weekend

We had such a relaxing weekend. Every year we go to The Huron House in Oscoda, Michigan. We have been going there for 36 years. When I started writing this blog I had to go back to see if I wrote this story before because I feel as if I have been blogging much more than since last October - but I haven't so get ready - here is our story about our September honeymoon in 1972.

Our family friends, Patsy and Leo, gave us their cottage on a small lake in Northern Michigan for our honeymoon. They didn't tell anyone in their family because they didn't want us to be disturbed. So - the first day we were in bed and we see through the long line of windows in the bedroom several little heads going past the bedroom outside.

I jump out of bed, put on a robe, go to the door and see Patsy's brother, Patrick with all his little kids wondering who is at the cabin! He says he didn't recognize the car and just wanted to make sure everything was all right. I laughingly tell Patrick - hey - get out of here - you were at our wedding last night - we are on our honeymoon.

So later that evening we go out to dinner, come home and go to bed. Around 1 am I hear the door open. I call out - who's there? One of the cousins (I won't say which one - but you know who you are!) came in with her boyfriend and she said - what are you doing here? I said we are on our honeymoon. She said - we're just staying the weekend, we won't bother you and proceeded to go to another room for the night! So the next morning we packed up and went into Oscoda to find a hotel. We stayed at the El Dorado, a nice little hotel for about $35 for the week.

Over the years we returned to the hotel for a nice stay on our honeymoon weekend. One time we even took the kids and we stayed in a small little cabin out back after touring through Michigan on a fall color tour. They had such a good time playing in the falling leaves, digging in the sand and it was 1984 and we watched the Tigers win the world series that weekend.

Then the owners sold the hotel to Denny and Marty. The first year Pat and I stayed in the small cabin that was brightened up - a bottle of wine and some homemade cookies were in the room when we checked in.

Then they began renovating and they tore down the cabins and built the most beautiful rooms for their bed and breakfast. Although we were saddened to lose our little yellow cabin - we were pleasantly surprised when we stayed in the Sunrise Room. It has a beautiful little private porch - just about where our cabin was - that is just for the occupants of the sunrise room. We can sit on that porch and take the most beautiful pictures of the sunrise each morning. They bring us a pot of coffee on a tray to watch the sunrise then an hour later they bring us a fabulous breakfast. This year for breakfast we had a flan, fresh fruit, coffee and juice one morning and the next morning we had a croissant with a sweet butterscotch sauce and crushed walnuts with the fresh fruit, juice and coffee. YUM.

Of course the room now costs $200 a night - but - it is worth every single penny. From a beautiful room with the million dollar view of Lake Huron out our windows, the beautiful garden filled with flowers, hummingbirds and butterflies, the eagle that flew past while we were drinking coffee on Sunday morning, to the hot tub we sit in looking over the lake we absolutely love the special quiet weekend. Before we leave we always reserve the next trip - we look forward to going there all year long.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Finally - Got to speak to a person!

When we started looking for favors for the wedding, everything looked too expensive and actually many things looked very cheap. We thought we should spend our money in a better way - then the person we talked with at the banquet hall said more than half of all favors are left at the tables - that was the deciding factor for us - we thought it would be so cool to give money to a group instead.

Now Caroline and Jesse just had to come up with what organization to donate to - Caroline called all excited after watching a Tiger game on TV where they advertised "Gloves for Kids" where you could take your gently used or new balls, bats and gloves so kids who couldn't afford to have sports equipment could have the opportunity to own their own equipment. Since Jesse and Caroline are going to Chicago to see a Tiger game for their honeymoon they both thought this was a perfect fit.

I've been trying since Monday to give a donation to "Gloves for Kids" a program that the Detroit Tiger Foundation sponsors. First I sent an email - then on Wednesday I got a call from someone at the foundation and she gave me a number to call - so when I got home from work I tried and tried to call. I kept playing phone tag with the president of the foundation. And they wanted to contact me by this morning because they are doing a press release regarding the donations of gloves and bats and balls and money from this program.

So today, they called while I was at a funeral, so I called back while in the funeral procession (I know that sounds tacky - so don't even call me on it!) Well, the switchboard put me through to someone else who put me through to a voice mail - finally I called back and said PLEASE do not transfer me. So finally - I talked with the person in charge and we are on track - good thing too - I already made the little announcements for the tables!!!!

Wow - it is getting closer and closer! This is going to be fun!

Long Weekend

I took today and tomorrow off from work - lots to do. I couldn't sleep last night so I started working on my receipts for Second Serving - YIKES - I hadn't done it in a long time. So I entered and entered and entered information - thank goodness for Mapquest - When I saw a receipt for out of town I went into mapquest to figure out the mileage. I am now up-to-date.

Then went downstairs hoping to hear a replay of Sarah Palin's address to the Republican Convention. It was very good. I got tears in my eyes watching the cameras scan the audience - you could just see the awestruck looks in the young women who sat in the audience. Maybe they thought they would see this in their lifetime - I didn't. And especially not from the Republican Party. The baby was passed around - Cindy McCain, Todd Palin, both sisters, it was also such a joy to watch her second youngest lick her hand to pat down the baby's hair - so cute. I'm glad I got up to watch it.

Well - I told you I had to clean the bead room - DONE - YEAH. Now I have a few things to do downstairs and the house will be clean for Amy.

It's good to be off work - this weekend will be a welcome respite before the wedding.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to work

Both at home and at work - it's back to work week. We begged Amy to come back and clean before the wedding - she is coming on Friday - YIKES - I have to clean for the cleaning lady! I came up here - moved around a lot of beads and dishes and then sat down to work on the blog - this house is not going to get clean on its own - thank goodness I have a few more evenings!

We did go to the Amish Flea Market - it was so hot - too many people - couldn't get very close to the tables at all. We did buy a new set of binoculars and a set of 600 count sheets (those were a steal at $20). I found a few silver plated knives and then we came home. We didn't even see an eighth of the flea market.

We stopped to see Heather and Jon and the girls on Sunday. I kept bribing her with a new home gift - and she finally relented and said we could come even though they haven't finished putting everything away yet. The girls were so much fun - from Olivia taking me around to show me the bedrooms to going through the closets saying "Oh look, this coat is adorable!" I can't tell you what my favorite part of the house is - the beautiful cabinets in the kitchen - the blue bathroom with the ducky shower curtain or the built ins - in EVERY closet. Livy kept running around screaming - having a great time - the twins were trying on different shoes and scuffling around and around the house. WHEW - we sure are happy to be parents of 30 somethings!

The wedding is getting closer and closer - and we keep thinking of little things we forgot to do! Such as tell our hair stylist that the wedding is at 4 instead of 6 and we need to go to the salon from 10-2 instead of 12-4! Thank Goodness - Caroline called today and fixed that little oversight! Well we can see the end of the tunnel - which is good - because the checkbook is getting to the end, too. This has been fun - but we will have to get back in SAVING mode after the wedding.

Jesse and Caroline applied for their wedding license today a sure sign it is getting closer and closer. Caroline is so happy every time I talk to her.