Sunday, June 22, 2008

A nice weekend

We were supposed to have friends over for dinner on Friday evening - but - a couple of them were sick so we did not get together. One of the friends who was not sick, Jean Marie, asked us to come over for dinner. We had a very nice time. I got to see her new home and it is quite lovely. She has a fabulous backyard and beautiful flowers, too. She made a terrific chicken stew - yum.

On Saturday I cooked food for the freezer and I had so many potatoes I decided to make potato salad. And while I was cooking anyway some bean soup. Then we went over to Jim and Cindy's so Pat could do a small job for Cindy and I could make labels for a flyer that will be going out to people who said they were interested in coming to the All Class Reunion but did not send in their reservation. I can't believe some of my friends aren't coming - it's surprising to me. This will be a great reunion - over 600 people are coming already. I can't wait to see everyone.

Later on in the evening Pat and I went to Wickes Park and sat where the Cass and the Tittabawassee Rivers combine to make the Saginaw River. It was so quiet and beautiful. We had a very nice evening.

Joanna, Robin, Sheala and Robbie and Caroline and Jesse came over for lunch. My friend, Fran, left Jesse and Caroline's VERY FIRST WEDDING GIFT here on Friday so they got to open it today. It is a beautiful Gallway glass vase. Caroline knew it would be something Irish from Fran and she was so happy!

I actually stayed home all day - so unusual for M.E. A storm is going through Saginaw - it awakened me right after I fell asleep - that means I'll be up for a couple of hours which will make for a difficult Monday at work.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Camping in Atlanta

That's Atlanta Michigan, of course. We had a wonderful time. My friend from work camped with us Wednesday through Saturday and then we stayed until Sunday night, returning home around 9 pm. We heard there was going to be another storm that night and I HATE packing up a wet site. So we had a campfire around 5:00 and then when that died down we packed up and came home.

The picture above is a Scarlet Tanager - I used our IDENTIFLYER to call it to the area. I had seen Scarlet Tanagers at the Sink Holes across from Shoepac Lake. Just after purchasing the Identiflyer I called in seven Scarlet Tanagers to these trees. This week when Diane and Pat went walking down by the Sink Holes I stayed by the lake and played the Identiflyer. Sure enough - in came a Tanager. Then I called in a Kirtland Warbler. It sure was fun. We've only seen a couple Kirtland Warblers because they are so small. Back at the campsite we called in the Rose Breasted Grosbeaks to our campite and listened to them singing away for us.

We saw Elk and Deer and Pat even saw a fox. The beautiful birds we saw were the Ruffed Grouse, Baltimore Orioles, Rose Breasted Grosbeaks, Kirtland Warblers, Scarlet Tanagers, Eagles, Loons and best of all I finally heard a Whip-Poor-Will. It was so much fun.

We did hike up to Inspiration Point in the Pigeon River Forest (paid for that the next day with my knee!) Diane and I tried to fly kites but the wind was whirling around and it was difficult. The tree ate one of them!

We had some big campfires and GREAT thunderstorms. I have heard the expression "Rolling Thunder" but this time we heard it - it was AWESOME. One thunder clap just kept going and going and going - it sounded as if it went all around the lake and back. Diane sat up that next morning and said "I'm glad I forgot my tent!" I love thunderstorms when we are camping!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Microsoft Worldwide Telescope

This is a picture of the Sun and Venus from Microsoft's Worldwide Telescope. A couple of people at work saw a demonstration on the Wolrdwide Telescope while they were at a training. This is SO cool. You can see all the stars and planets in the sky - you can scroll in and look close or scroll out and see where they are in the solar system. You can right click on any of them and get information on them - with a click you are whisked to Wikipedia to find out more information about what you are looking at in the sky! This is so cool. It really makes me pause and think about how little we are in comparison to all of God's world.

Click on the site below to download it!

Microsoft Worldwide Telescope

Monday, June 2, 2008

St. Patrick's Day Miracle

Joanna wrote an article for the Fusion at Delta College when she attended there - I finally found the link - JO - I googled Joanna Jacklin and I found it!

Anyway - her perspective of Grandma Shea as a great grandmother and really as a GREAT grandmother is very sweet.

If you want to read her story - go to this link!

St. Patrick's Day Miracle by Joanna Jacklin