Saturday, May 31, 2008

Friday by ourselves

On Thursday Jan and Jim went home and on Friday morning in the rain Bill and Amy left. We were supposed to stay until Saturday - but - after the rain the mosquitos came out in full force and we decided to come home and left the campsite at 8:00 pm.

We had a great day on Friday even though it rained the whole morning. We went to Tawas see how the spoons were doing at Fabulous Finds - and I picked up a nice check there - YEAH. We went to a couple other stops and then we stopped by to see our friend, Noreen.

Noreen and I went from Kindergarten to Delta College together and even shared a SMALL apartment together for a bit back in the 70's. We had so much to talk about. We caught up on family and friends and just had a nice afternoon together. She said that she and her sisters have a YaYa weekend every year - they sit on the deck overlooking the river and throw necklaces to the necklace worthy canoers - they laugh and talk and this year they all got a tattoo - an 8 (for the 8 sisters). OOOHHH - I think we should have one of those - Cindy, Jane, Kathy, Mary Lynn - hey Elise want to join us? Maybe we could meet out in New Jersey and see Kim!

Noreen and Tom bought a home and proceeded to make it a beautiful haven - the whole front of the house is windows overlooking the Rifle River. As we looked out the windows we saw several birds at their bird feeders. I couldn't believe my eyes - there was a Pileated Woodpecker hanging upside down eating from the bird feeder. Then just this week I was asking Amy about the Indigo Bunting and right out the windows - there were several Indigo Buntings. Goldfinches, Cardinals, Housefinches, Chickadees. And then - a fly fisherman came walking by in full gear waving his fishing pole over the water. It was such a relaxing afternoon.

Noreen mentioned she had the picture I want to put on the St. Mary Reunion Blog - one showing her family in front of the school - I know Noreen reads this blog -DON'T FORGET TO SEND ME THE PICTURE!!!!!!! And thanks for such a nice afternoon.

We then decided to go back to Tawas and eat dinner at Pier 23 - our favorite place to eat dinner - usually we sit on the deck and even though the sun was out it was still a little too cool to sit on the deck. So we sat inside at our favorite table overlooking Lake Huron and had a nice dinner.

Then on the way home we decided to pack up and come home. I have to say - a nice hot shower and my own bed were a welcome way to end the week!

1st Camping Trip

We got home at 10:00 pm last night from our first camping trip of the year. We had such a nice time. Bill and Amy, Jim and Jan and Pat and I went to the Rifle River State Campground just outside of Rose City on Monday evening. I picked the wrong sites in January! YIKES! But we quickly corrected that and got our regular sites overlooking the lake. We always set up with Bill and Amy on the left - Pat and I in the middle and Jim and Jan on the right. Then we use the middle campsite for cooking, eating and sitting at the campfire. That way if anyone else shows up we are pretty insulated in that middle spot. But usually we have most of the campground area to ourselves. After setting up the trailers and putting up the screened in tent around a picnic table for an eating area the guys gather wood for our fires. We have great fires!

We always share the cooking which is so wonderful because that means you have two whole days of someone else doing the work. This year I had the "split day" which is dinner on Monday night and Breakfast and lunch on the last night we are all together which is Thursday. We had such good food.

Monday Snack - cheese and crackers and salami
Monday Dinner - Salmon,couscous with mango salsa (thank you David Noble for teaching your Aunt ME how to make this wonderful dinner!) and salad
Late Night - chocolate chip peanut butter cookies

Tuesday Morning - boiled eggs, Mrs. Merk's Coffee Cake - YUM - fruit and yogurt.
Tuesday Lunch - Goat cheese quiche with a hash brown crust that was to die for.
Tuesday Snack - Crostini, chips and salsa
Tuesday Dinner - Lasagna and salad
Late Night - Peanut butter cookies with chocolate filling and oatmeal raisin bars.

Wednesday Morning - Pumpkin Bread and yogurt.
Wednesday Brunch - Egg souffle that was so light and fluffy and yummy.
Wednesday Snack - chips and salsa and taquitos and little pocket snacks.
Wednesday Dinner - Chicken stew and coleslaw
Late Night - Chocolate Chocolate chip cookies that were reminiscent of the kettle cookies we used to make in Bluebirds with Mrs. Lepeak - YUMMO

Thursday Breakfast - Bacon, sausage, dill and cheese scrambled eggs and potatoes.
Thursday Lunch - Chili and garlic bread and leftover cookies.
Thursday Snack - leftover cheeses and crackers.
Thursday Dinner - leftover chicken stew that was so yummy again.

On Friday I dumped all the leftovers I had in the refrigerator and made a quiche frittata. Three different kinds of cheese, Sausage, bacon, potatoes, couscous, pinenuts, onions, garlic bread croutons on top. It was yummy.

So - we do eat well! But if that isn't enough - we have a GREAT time too. There are long walks (runs if you are Jan and Jim with their puppy Hannah!), Bike rides, long rides through the park to see the eagles nest at the tower, crossword puzzles we work on together, reading by the campfire and lots of long talks with great friends.

I love this camping trip every year!

Monday, May 26, 2008


I had just awakened and gone into the kitchen to start the coffee at 5:00 am. I looked out the window and saw a car pull into the driveway and turn off the lights. I went upstairs to look out the bathroom window and saw Jim and Cindy (my brother and sister-in-law) coming up the porch.

I called to Pat and went down to let them in. They had just dropped Michael off at the airport and they thought - let's go visit Pat and Mary Ellen!

Well - let me tell you - that is actually the best time to come visit me! So I turned on the coffee, we talked a bit and I made French Toast for breakfast.

I love surprises.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Working on the other blog

St. Mary All Class Reunion blog is taking over my life! I have been very busy looking through boxes of my Mom's. They have been in the basement since she died (14 years ago!) and I haven't looked at them since. Now however, I'm trying to find more information on St. Mary's. It as proven to be a treasure box in that regard.

I found lots of information on the PTA - Room Mothers - Letters about tuition - All Sports Banquet booklets, and best of all CLASS LISTS. I think I will make a notebook with all the class lists and take it to the reunion - that should be fun.

I do wish that people would look to see if they have any of the yearbooks we need. I found one on EBAY and wrote to that person asking if we could borrow it - but I haven't heard back.

So - if it seems that I'm ignoring this blog - go see the St. Mary All Class Reunion Blog

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend w/o Pat

Anyone who knows us knows that we are always together. Except when I have to go to work - I STILL WANT A WINDOW THAT WILL LET ME RETIRE TOMORROW!

This weekend Pat went with two of his brothers to a cabin in Northern Michigan. One of our favorite areas - by the Pigeon River Forest. It's been a long weekend and it is only Sunday Morning. He should be home in a few hours.

On Friday afternoon I went to an estate sale - this company is the best one in Saginaw - Foerster - reasonable prices even on the first day - but I didn't find anything. That night I went to Birch Run and bought a few things at the Oneida store. Then came home and made chili. I ate dinner and read all evening.

On Saturday I went to a gazillion garage sales. I found lots of treasures. One in particular was the BEST buy of the century. A dress for me. It is fabulous. I can't wait to wear it. They wanted $25 - I paid $15 and it fits perfect! I would have paid the $25 - the dress is very fancy and it would have cost close to $200.

Last night I stopped at Pompeii in Bridgeport for dinner - Caroline and Jesse were working. It was nice to see them. Jesse even made fried pickles for me - YUM. Then I ordered a salad and Caroline saved half for her dinner later. Then home to watch the Tigers - YEAH they won.

This morning - my Honey is coming home - I missed him lots - it's so much more fun doing things with him each weekend! This afternoon we get to go to a party for my best friend, Janet's, son Patrick. He has his law degree! We are so proud of him. We'll be saying prayers he finds a great job soon.

Jim and Cindy should be home - they went to Michael's graduation - a Masters Degree - we have so many blessings. I am so sorry I couldn't go to his graduation - Pat and I were going to go but my knee is not doing very well and I'm not even sure when I can have the surgery. So - we couldn't go. But he knows how proud we are of him and we sent our love with hugs and kisses with Jim and Cindy.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

First Picnic of the Year

We had Joanna, Robin and Robbie (Missed our Sheala - she is in Washington D.C. on a class trip), Caroline, Jesse, Crystal, Chad and Javier, Jim and Cindy over for dinner on Tuesday. It was such a beautiful evening - a little windy but warm.

We cooked out turkey brats and hot dogs - I made potato salad and broccoli slaw and baked beans and of course, watermelon.

We had fun watching Robbie and Javier painting with chalk paint in the driveway. I found a large Clifford the Big Red Dog at a garage sale and so Javier kept picking it up and dragging it around - it's about the same size as he is.

Cindy had to go to a meeting first so we waited until she got here to have dinner.

I love picnic dinners out on the lawn with everyone having a good time.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Lots of stuff

The Tiger game was awesome - even though they lost that game (but not last night)being at the park was great. The seats were in section 123 in the 6th row. It felt as though we were right on the field. I had so much fun yelling - knowing they could actually hear me - we had a blast - THANK YOU KELLY and JACK!

My knee surgery that was supposed to happen on Friday has been cancelled - need one more consult before I can reschedule - hopefully I can still get it done before the wedding this fall.

Went out to Goodwill and Bethesda yesterday - Cindy needed a chain for a sewing project - found a purse with a chain she can use - yeah. I found some really cute dishes - one that looks like a lettuce leaf - an avon Happy Birthday plate and another golden wheat soup bowl to continue on the collection that my sister, Jane started me on a few years back. They are just like the ones we had when I was little - they came in Surf detergent boxes.

Get to go to Sheala's track meet and Robbie's soccer game - can't wait.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Our friends, Jack and Kelly, called to ask if we want to see a TIGERS game tonight! Do we???? Of course. So we are leaving in a few minutes to see PUDGE!!!!!