Saturday, January 19, 2008

Parish Party

We went to the parish party last night at SS Peter and Pauls. Even though we haven't signed up for the parish, Fr. Jack made everyone feel so welcomed to attend last Sunday during announcements that Pat wanted to go! Now if you know Pat - you know that is amazing.

It was a very nice party. We sat with a big group of people that were fun. I actually knew one of those people from working at the City. Then Julie and Al came in that we knew from St. Mary's and they sat with us. There was a mom with two children sitting at our table and I held the baby while she ate and danced with her two year old - that was very enjoyable. Al and Julie joined the church yesterday and feel at peace with the change. Still can't make the change but I am thinking about it - that says something!

I get to bake bread this afternoon to take to Olympia and Vince's. We are invited to a dinner party at their home. We love going there for dinner with friends - it is so relaxing and enjoyable. We help Olympia cook, but mostly just sit around in the kitchen watching her create the most wonderful dinners. She is a Maestro in that kitchen - it is a joy to watch her cook. Kevin, Laurie and Henry - we're really missing you. Been thinking a lot about you all lately. Hope church, work, school and all are going well. I'm sure we'll talk about you tonight - Lots of love from Saginaw.

Had a little email spat with the City Manager this week - won't go into it here but we disagree on some things and of course I can't keep my fingers from flying over the keyboard. I have always told people exactly how I feel if I think it needs to be said - sometimes even if it doesn't need to be said but I just want to say it. Either you hate me or you love me but you always know what I think about something - that's how it is.

Pat and I spent an hour reading posts in Lizzie and Sarah's blogs - then my voice started cracking and my butt fell asleep - so we'll have to finish those this weekend and start on the others. It was very enjoyable reading - they both have a wonderful way of describing events so that you feel as if you are right there with them.

My friend Robyn from work gave me I Am of Irelaunde it is a wonderful tale of St. Patrick. I'm almost done but I keep reading a few pages and then putting it back down so I won't finish it fast.

That's all for now - ME


Lisa said...

I enjoy reading your entries......that would be so fun to be envited over to someone's house who loved to cook! Was Fr. Jack ever at CMU? I was there from 1977-1981 and we had a Fr. Jack by now he'd be old:)

mesc said...
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