Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Heavens - it's been awhile

I have been so busy that I haven't had time to write anything on the blog. I wish I had before pictures of my bead room - Pat helped me empty the closet that was still filled with craft objects I used for altered books and so I had no room for beads and dishes and glassware. After 400 trips to the basement by my sweetie I have ROOM!

Last night we had Joanna and Robin and the kids over for dinner. I picked up Sheala after school because Robbie had bowling class. So Sheala helped me make dinner. It was so much fun baking and cooking with her. We made from scratch dinner rolls, potato pancakes, Grandma Shea's chicken, lettuce salad and fresh mozzarella and cherry tomato salad. YUM. Sheala did all the seasonings - she was exactly right on with each one so every dish was delicious. A couple of weeks ago Robbie and I cooked together and he also did an amazing job - these kiddos are turning out to be wonderful chefs.

Then while Pat, Robin and Robbie did dishes, Joanna put up my "Friends are Forever and Ever After" on my friends wall - it is so cool. I'm going to think up something for the kitchen and purchase that when Joanna has another party.

We bought a "new" van - a 2004 Chevy Venture - it is really nice. The front windshield is so big with no obstructions. I think the Astro has a bigger front dash so this is very different. We kept the Astro to pull the 1964 Holiday Rambler that we love to camp in but we traded in Pat's truck. So we are a two van household. I am driving the Astro to work every day to keep the mileage down because Pat drives all over the place.

I've been working on a huge report at work. I use a software report writing program called COGNOS to pull information from my payroll program, HTE. One problem we have in HTE is that if something is pending we don't see it in the bottom line. So you don't really know where you are in spending. Soooo.... I have several reports that I save into Excel and then with one touch of the macro button - YEAH - I have a fabulous up to date report. This is just what we needed for working on the budget. I would rather write reports and spreadsheets than anything else - it is like a puzzle trying to figure out what I need to make the report work. My friends and coworkers Heather and Kim have been helping by looking at information and telling my why it isn't complete and then I go on a treasure hunt looking for the information to add to the report. We still have to double check several line items today to make sure they are correct. This has been fun.

Okay - I have to go - ME


jane said...

Finally - she's back!

To all who read this - Mary Ellen Shea Clifford is an absolute master at Excel. She created an amazing report for me for Williams and could make a fortune if she became one of those fancy, jet-flying, suit-wearing consultants... but she would miss Patrick WAY too much.

mesc said...

AWWW - Jane - what a nice sister - ME