Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Camping Reservations

It is 9 degrees above zero and I'm making camping reservations! This is a picture of us camping last year at Clear Lake. I already lost out making a reservation for the weekend we wanted in Tawas - now I have to wait for a few more weeks to show up on the reservation availability list - the DNR show 6 mos worth to the date so anything after July 2 isn't showing yet.

I did reserve a week at the Rifle River and a long weekend at Clear Lake this summer - so I'm already getting excited about going. We always make our first camping trip of the year to be with two other couples. We take turns cooking for a whole day - so it is like being in Heaven the other two days. I love that trip the most. We lounge around, laugh, drink, we take long walks and drive to see the eagles, then we lounge around and laugh and drink some more. Lots of great campfires to sit around to enjoy each other's company.

Just knowing I have a couple of reservations on our favorite sites is enough to get me through this 9 degree weather - there is hope though - I've heard we are supposed to get up into the 50's by the end of the week! YEAH!


whiterose said...

Awwhh, you guys are so cute!

whiterose said...

Where in the heck are ya?

antsport said...

Loved reading your Blog. Also impressed with artistry on table wear. Never knew you were so talented!
Read your older entries and was fascinated by those as well. Saw Fr. Pat at Tom's aunt's funeral. Hadn't seen him in over 15 years. He gave a great eulogy even though he only met her at last rights. Brought back memories of SMC.
Can't wait to read more!