Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Back to work

The last holiday for a very long time is done - Pat and I had fun yesterday - we went to Ann Arbor for the afternoon (didn't call you Ells Bells because we were home before you got home from work!)

We went to
Salvation Army - found a dish(and the sales girl told us to go to Valueland)
Antique Store - we were going to buy a cake plate and server set but the lady wouldn't stop talking with someone who wanted to buy something BIG and so we put it back and left.
Reuse Center - a wooden dish holder - YEAH - second one I have now I will be able to display my hostess gift plate and knives in it at shows.
PTO Thrift Shop - didn't find anything there
Valueland - found one pretty dish

Glad we left there early because there was blowing snow and in the daylight it was okay to drive in but I don't like to be in it in the dark, sometimes it's hard to see through it.

So - back to work today - and not another holiday off until Good Friday - I can see my PTO dwindling during the next few months.....


jane said...

I love hearing all the garage sale, thrift store detail!! I feel like I'm there, rejoicing over every small find. I tried looking for silver at Salvation Army for you, mesc. I think I need more detail about what you want - we need to talk - especially about the dishes. I see those all the time.

antsport said...

I agree with Janey. I need to know what kind of things you are looking for. We have a box of silver that is just sitting around, and lots of china and other stuff.
Next time you are in Tawas or the Rifle River, just stop in and we can talk!

mesc said...

Noreen and Jane - I always can use butter knives - serving spoons and forks. Round soup spoons - and small luncheon plates. Thanks for asking. ME