Friday, January 18, 2008

As Jane Would Say - Pray for Patience

I definitely do not have patience. Example - last night posting to Sarah's site - didn't see it - posted again - of course - two posts! At work - I have six different programs going at once and then complain about how slow everything is running. COGNOS has a cute little rainbow colored fish swimming on the bottom of the screen while it gathers information - some days I could STRANGLE that fish. OK Jane and Chris you ar right - pray for patience. Maybe that is one reason I love to cook - I have several dishes cooking and baking and I like it when everything is done at the same time.

Jim and Cindy and Pat and I went out to Timbers for dinner last night. Then back over to their house for a bit. They were going to take Kim and Fred and the girls out for dinner but the movers have been there since Tuesday and Kim said they probably wouldn't be done before 9 PM. One reason was the truck wouldn't fit into their court so the movers have to transport everything to the end of the street to put it in the truck - I'd be going crazy.

Jim is really busy with the Saint Mary Cathedral All Class Reunion to be held in August 2008. He is a real detective going onto the Internet to find people in the white pages, calling people in one class to get siblings phone numbers and addresses, asking everyone he knows if they know someone's address. If you know a graduate from SMC and they have NOT received a mailing please let him know. His email address is:

Cindy is still waiting to hear about going back to work and in the meantime she is so busy with church that when I asked them when they could come over for dinner the answer was "Until Lent, Thursday nights are good, during Lent, no night is good!"

I've been busy buying beads in fabulous blues, greens, reds, and oranges. Very metallic looking and beautiful. I've been unwrapping conventional spoons and rewrapping them in a more eclectic style to match the Michigan Artists Gallery. This is my most favorite thing to do - find the style of the store I'm going to have the flatware at and make the spoons a perfect fit!

Well, I'm getting ready for a nice long weekend. MLK day is Monday so I'm going to leave work at 1:00 and then enjoy the weekend. Pat and I are going to tackle my stuff in the basement - GOODWILL here we come - get ready - I'm in the mood to seriously clean out!

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